forward stroke question

Used to be one of 10000 Maniacs
Then she struck out on her own. (Sings the lead in The Painted Desert.)

Lives near here and can be found working with disadvantaged youth when not adding to her career stats.

BTW it is great having you posting on P-net again. Really missed your honesty and straightforward paddling related remarks.

ah, that natalie!
and thank you again:)

i always get a bit wet
but if your going fast and having fun does isnt a little wet hair worth it?

I paddle an S1-X and use a epic mid wing just for referance

your wet hair
hey it seems that you and I have ahd the same problem. I may be a guy, bu my hair is a tad on the long side (over my ears) and what i found that seemed to get my hair wet was the splash off the drip rings so i jsut took them off. Plenty of my friends have done the same thing and they seem to prefer no drip rings.They don’t really prevent water from getting on your head or your hands and if you don’t believe me you should just try without sometime and see if it makes a difference. I guess i should have asked you if you used drip rings in the first place though, otherwise this advice might be a little irrelavent

Yep-drip rings
Hey Pam-when I paddled this weekend I noticed my hat getting wet-so wearing a hat would help your hair to stay dry-but I moved the drip rings up and there was much less water. so try that-I’ll email you on a weekend to video you paddling.