Freya Hoffmeister goes USA

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Next month, she will be speaking in San Diego, San Francisco, Seatle and maybe Vancouver, Portland and at Kokatat’s hometown Arcata


the traffic in Vancouver will be nuts

So, this is like a suggestion that we go
listen? I met Dana Chladek at REI in Atlanta. Maybe Freya will show up.

I love greatness
I love Freya. I always loved power. A powerful farm tractor with a big diesel to plow a field. Or a payloader at the mine to move rock. And of course the Stihl051 chain saw to fall those big trees. And using dynamite- the dupont sledgehammer at the mine was fun.

Now I mostly do safe stuff such as an oxygen high workout at the gym. I would love to shake her hand. I did shake the hand of Lawrence Taylor. Hall of fame linebacker. Congratulations Freya on a mission accomplished! What next?



Well, others may not have an interest, but I look forward to seeing her talk at the Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium.

Not only would I go and see her speak,
but I would pay to go and see her speak. I got a big kick out of Greg Stamers presentation of his Newfoundland circumnavigation at the Kayak USA training camp I attended. I see no reason why I would not find Freya’s account of her circumnavigation equally as interesting. Both were amazing feats that I could only dream about, and dream about I do. For me it has nothing to do with the personalities involved, but rather the skill, confidence, and preparation required to do it. I hope to try it myself someday on a much smaller level within, or at my abilties. Bill

i do not get it
Why the apathy or even outright disprespect for someone who has accomplished a feat most of us would never attempt?

I don’t get it either, Larry. NM

Have to remember that open forums are full of kids that have no idea about much of anything, and think they know everything.

Bill H.

Jealousy from the weenies
Probably the disrespect comes from the weak who haven’t done anything and never will. Lots of mouth and no action people. It’s easy to laugh at accomplishments but it is damn hard to do them.

I admire Freya for her accomplishments even though they are beyond my dreams.

Real Honesty…
Honestly, I would love to meet her just because she is hot…

and Kathy would figure that out in about 2 seconds.

Maybe I can sneak away and meet Chuck in SF, but Kathy and Jun don’t like me and Chuck running lose in SF, for obvious reasons…

Also will be at ECCKF
East Coast Canoe and Kayak Festival in Charleston, SC

Saw it on the agenda.

I, having been totally hooked on “paddling 'round in circles” by a friend, followed her circumantigation fairly closely.

Bill G.

Mt. Pleasant, SC

great playpen for grownups isn’t it?

Insecurity, jealousy, disregard for
those who think and live differently from themselves.

As a “sea kayaker” and a “woman” you are supposed to fit a prescribed profile… Freya gives folk like these zero thought, and that’s perhaps her greatest accomplishment of all…


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Hey Bill, I didn’t see her on the agenda so far for this year. Although, that reminds me that I met her at the ECCKF with my uncle a few years back. I’ll have to double check with him, but I remember she was VERY nice.

My uncle was impressed because she had recently won the National Greenland Championship. I think that was the first time either of us had seen a Greenland Paddle as well. The entire event, and people, motivated me to get my own kayak.

So far these are the presenters for the 2010 ECCKF


where is the apathy and disrespect?
other than the first post, I don’t see it.

I admire her skill and accomplishments, not so much some of her personal conduct, but apparently that’s not good enough on For some here you have to admire it all. Like people who think Bobby Fischer and John McEnroe were unfailing good.

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