Getting on board!

Hi All,
Im getting on board. So a question of beginner (well, not really beginner). Im 6’3’’, 235 lbs, in good physical shape. I did sport kayaking almost 30 years ago (back in Russia). Now finally got time and resource to get what i really wanted for entire time since we migrated to Canada - good kayak.
I just got Delta 14 for my wife - seems like it should work for the really beginner. But seems like for me any delta will not work. Too wide, too short, too flat bottom, not rigged enough. Currently in my area i found SEDA Glider - seems like that is what im looking for - for pretty aggressive paddling but not sacrificing touring ability. SEDA is in kevlar. What im bit worry about - it is 11 years old. Is it too old for material itself ? Or kevlar will last forever, of cause with proper care about it.
Another alternative is Nimbus Telkwa HV - but i think it will be too bulky for me.
Any advise is more then welcome, im way behind in boat manufacture technology and way behind in terms of what market can offer.

Welcome, Borei.

Can’t comment about the Seda as I’m not familiar with that boat. When you say no Delta will work for you, have you demoed any of the Delta performance touring kayaks?

If it has been well cared for, 11 years old and kevlar should not present a problem. My recollection is that the Seda Glider is relatively fast.

Only from accessibility standpoint. I’d say that 90 % percent of the local market is flooded with touring kayaks. It’s not easy to get performance boat - new one is pretty expensive, used one - you literally need to track craigslist (or similar) non stop.

I thought Seda had gone out of business long ago. They seem to be alive and well. There used to be several Seda gliders in a kayak club I belonged to here in San Diego when I first started paddling seakayaks. I don’t remember clearly but it was fast and seemed somewhat on the edge of controllable stability in rough water ( I might think differently now that I am not a begginner and since paddling many other kayaks.) If it is really 11 years old and not stored outdoors in sunlight the kevlar should be fine

Seems like a great boat. New it retails for $4,300. My Kevlar Necky Arluk 1.9 is 22 years old and doing fine with well over ten thousand of miles on it. Other than a few gel coat touchups the only significant repair was epoxying in some fiberglass where my heels were wearing the interior near the foot pegs. That repair was done last year.

Thanks for reply guys. I gonna go to take a look at the boat at this coming weekend. Owner is asking 3000 CAD (that is something 2300 USD) for boat, werner paddle and kayak kart. I think overall price is fair, but of cause depends on conditions.
What is the most important things to take a look at ? What would be absolute “red light” to buy the boat.
PS1: today we did test for delta 14, family is more then happy, im more then happy, so i really looking to get that Glider, but afraid that i can go to emotional about.
PS2: question for long future from now. Is it practical to wrap boat hull with carbon fiber ?

Borei, after you find your answer, I’m interested in comments about the Delts as a design, and the models. Specifically the 15.5 model. The boat I saw was sold. And no demo boats available. I now have the 14.5 and 17.5 rotomold Tsunami which I love. I like stability, but want a lighter, faster boat. Any information is appreciated. This is the first time I saw any Delta mentioned on a post.

Make sure the hull is not misshapen. This is sometimes a problem with rotomolded boats, but quite rarely with composite kayaks. That said, I did have a kevlar kayak that was ‘oil-canned’ and I was unable to remove that gentle dent.

I good friend paddled a SEDA Gilder (I think it was Kevlar). He raced kayaks in Denmark growing up. He was fast in it. It made a good touring boat on our trips to the coast kayak camping. He is thin and about 6’.

He got into Greenland style boats and has gone that way now. He sold his Glider to fund other boat purchases.

Here is an article I found interesting… YMMV

How to Buy a Used Kayak

Many of the articles on that site are interesting, but be aware that the writer is an Amazon affiliate.

Also in several articles he provides a formula to calculate (estimate) how deep your boat sits in the water (a/k/a draft or draught.) Although his description of the formula terms is correct, the actual formula shown in the articles is incorrect. Not too hard to figure out the correct formula, I just wish he would correct it. And yes I sent an email, no response or correction was provided.

Damn, my visit to the island will be delayed at least 2 weeks from now. Because of the covid-19 they reduced payload per ferry, so all tickets were sold out. Damn, damn, damn. I was planing to get to the water on next week. Im already ready to get that Glider. Talked with the owner he is pro paddler, so i hope that boat was taken care about properly. But that damn dealy in ferry just killing me.

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that is the baby im dreaming about

Yes, that is what his looked like.
Paddling with his homemade Greenland Paddle in Bulls Bay.

paddling Sparkleberry Swamp

Paddling with driftwood.

Make sure you fit comfortably in the cockpit as there is no fix if you don’t. It may seem tippy at first but you can work on that. You will also horribly outrun your wife.

Curious to know, if you find out, why the owner is selling it.

I worked in a polymer chemistry lab as a tech back in the 1970’s for a researcher who was studying Kevlar as it began to be adapted as a material for commercial uses. One of my jobs was to make suspension solution samples of it for laser refraction stidies and I remember the solvent for dissolving it is 130% (“fuming”) sulfuric acid. Not something that is apt to be around in the terrestrial environment. So unless you plan to paddle on the planet Venus there is not a lot that can degrade Kevlar lay-up. A good friend has a Kevlar Mad River Advantage canoe that is over 20 years old and still like new.

As to coating a boat like that with carbon fiber, just no. Does not need it, it would be a nightmare to try and would affect the weight of the boat negatively if it was even practical. not to mention ruin the value.

the Seda looks great and sounds like you would like it provided the fit feels right. Covid has messed with boat buying, for sure. I hope things work out and let us know if you get the boat.

honestly saying - didn’t ask.

managed to get ferry tickets on coming weekend. Trip will be 2 hours in one end instead of 1h20m, but i think it worth it. Really want to recover my paddling by the end of this season. Found one extremely warm lake in my area - +25 maybe +26 C. Ideal lake to practice roll-over.

If the fit is too loose, there are plenty of options to pad the boat out offered by several manufacturers. They range from blocks of closed cell foam that can be trimmed to fit to strap-in pouches that come with an assortment of foam pieces that strap to the sides of your seat. I’ve been using those for years. About due for replacement.

However if the fit is too tight, options are limited. You may be able to change out the seat. Some people find that their feet won’t fit in lower volume boats. No fix for that.

that boat is rated as for average-large paddlers. Really can’t say anything. Everything will be cleared on Sunday.