Gloucester, MA -Worst Case Scenario

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I will be in Gloucester, MA (Cape Ann) during mid July, and it would be nice to know the worst case scenario, I should prepare for -weather wise! I mean how cold can air temp be. Should I be thinking in a dry-suit?

After driving 1000 miles, I know I would paddle no matter what, but... don't like to feel cold :)

In addition, which is the best put in to paddle the Blackburn Challenge the Thursday before the race?

For the Bostonian p.neters, if I have one day off in Boston, which place I should not leave Boston without visiting?

Thanks a ton!

By the way, if anyone wants to paddle the Blackburn course with me the Thursday (or maybe Wednesday) before the race, please drop me an e-mail -I am more than glad to pay beer afterwards :D

The Boston Harbor Islands are a nice
paddle. You can do a search get the info on their website.

Hi Javier
As an old Bean Town boy I might be able to shed some lght.

Downtwn Boston is as hot in July as Atlanta and possibly Miami is.

The water is just the opposite. Where you will be paddling it will freeze your dingle dangle off.

I would still wear just a bathing suit though.

On the tourist thing, you might want to walk the "Freedom Trail’ if it still exists, and see the Paul Revere house and the old North Church as well as the “Old Ironsides”

Grab some lunch at the Fanueil Hall market place

Good luck on the race



all good stuff from JackL
yet one more old ex Mass-hole says tour of Fenway Paak (games are all sold out…); late dinner at No-Name Restaurant for seafood.

put in

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behind gloucester high school. there's a ramp and a nominal fee. if you don't already have one, get a chart of cape anne and plan your probably have already done this...the longest open crossing i seem to remember is around 3 miles or so as you head SW down the side of cape anne.

air temp can be anywhere from low 80's-90's and plan on the water temp being high 50's, low 60's...which is refreshing.

while on cape anne if you like fried seafood (and who doesn't i ask you) then make a point to go the clam box (really...i couldn't make that up) on 133 in ipswich. better by far than the other 2 locally famous offerings (farnhams and woods) and is deeeelicious. and very very bad for you...which is part of the appeal. if you make that side trip, you can either continue on 133 and it spits you out on 95 and you can head S into Boston via rte 1 or backtrack onto 128 and that'll lead you to rte 1/boston.

while in boston try to take a walk around fanueil hall and the public gardens/boston common. very pretty. tons of bars, lots of restaurants. no where i'd leave my boat out of sight.

are you staying in boston or on cape anne?

Two years ago, air temps were as hot as bejeezus, and never noticed that the water was cold-a welcome relief actually, especially at the end, where many were immersing themselves to cool off. Last year (in the Blackburn that wasn’t-called due to fog), I was surprised at the colder water temps, probably low to mid sixties. Still, you’d bake like a potato in a drysuit. I’d pack a Hydrosilk or Hydroskin (If you don’t overheat easily.) top, and maybe a shell, JIC. Don’t think you’ll need tights, even if you’re on your ski, but here again I’d pack 'em, something light. I use my lightweight cycling tights and they’re plenty warm. If you do go in, support boats are not that common, but there are plenty of competitors should you need assistance in any way.

online area clubs for contacts as well:
North shore paddlers network

Boston Sea Kayak Club

area a couple to start with…

Boston Area
You could come and race Wednesday night on the Charles River just opposite Charles River Canoe & Kayak in Newton. You’d probably meet a few racing locals willing to offer advice on the Blackburn, often there are a variety of different boats in the area to try.

July is hot…

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like everywhere else. However the Cape Ann water can be cold. You can put in at the Annasquam River State launch which is in Essex. (Free) It's just up river from the High School on the other side. If you go left out of the launch into the River, that's the race route. However the real race finishes in the harbor. If you want to get back to your car you'll have to paddle through a small causeway and if it's outgoing tide, you can't make it. You'll have to portage over the road. So consider that.

Cape Ann is one of my favorate places to paddle. Mostly rocky shore and beautiful. Can kick up so be careful. My most scary waters of my life were off of Straitsmouth Island which can also be calm.

In July I wear a dry top and Neo shorts. I paddle with my brother who is good and don't do too many crazy things. The water can be cold so use caution if it's rough. It's real ocean so the swells can be long and powerful and in some places there's no easy escape. Not trying to scare you - have a good time.

“it will freeze your dingle dangle off”
…LOL that is what I am expecting!!!

Thanks for the info Jack,

Racing night on the Charles River
Hi Pam,

Could you provide me with a link or something about this Wednesday 18, night race? Remember, I do not know the area, so any info is greatly appreciated.

I think I might leave one day earlier than I have planed; it sounds interesting to meet local paddlers and a nice warm-up before the Blackburn.


Not been scared, and thanks!
However, I always like to be prepared for the worst case scenario than been caught by surprise!

I booked in a hotel half way between Gloucester & Boston, I guess!. Kind of, to be in the best of two worlds :smiley:

“no where i’d leave my boat out of sight”

Do you mind it is not safe to leave the boat on my vehicle’s rack??? Should I be preparing a chain? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Ahhhh, the Clam Box!
Awesome fried clams. Best I’ve had anywhere, in fact. Everything the doctor tells me to avoid, and lots of it.

Definitely go there.

Racing on the Charles Wednesday Nights
We start the weekly races at 6:30pm every Wednesday, there’s a parking lot on the Charles River across from Charles River Canoe & Kayak, it’s just off route 95 and route 30 and Massachusetts Turnpike, in Newton, MA. The parking area is called Norumbega, the weblink is, and the Yahoo Group is CharlesRiverRace. We’ve gained some new paddlers this year, so we really have a good group of strong male paddlers in fast boats. Charles River Canoe & Kayak has a number of racing boats to demo, and if you’ve got some time we can take you for a tour of the boat shop. I think you’ll enjoy the area and both the flatwater & open water competition. Pam

i wouldn’t leave it out of my sight in boston…

the north shore towns you are going to be travelling through are probably perfectly fine but you never know…

Count on me!
It looks like an excellent warm up! plus, after such long trip, how could I miss it?!?! :smiley:

Thanks a ton for the info Pam,

You two are making me hungry!!!
…I love clams! bud “fried” only after the race :smiley:

Peabody is fine?
I chose this place because was close to I-95 (to go to Boston) & SR 128 (to go to the Cape) is it fine? I still could change it if needed.


PS: To me, my boats are like my babies :smiley:

Are you doing it this year?