Good-bye online tax free shopping!

Bad for online sales good for brick & mortar stores. Supreme Court decision 5-4.

What I find is a lot of the time brick and mortar does not have what you want. Your forced to use an online source, Do you want to spend time and money driving all over only to find the store does not carry what you want. I really don’t have a problem with the tax, Amazon, Walmart, Lowes and Home Depot already charge you for it.

Not in NH, we have no sales tax. Neither do Montana, Delaware and Oregon.

Turbo Tax always asks for the $ amount you spend on on-line purchases.

@bnystrom said:
Not in NH, we have no sales tax. Neither do Montana, Delaware and Oregon.

Florida does not have a state income tax but they do charge a sales tax on residents and tourists alike. The tourists and snowbirds help subsidise the residents.
I have no problem with the internet tax as it’s less the the fuel it would cost me to go looking for an item and then also paying sales tax.

Death and taxes. Yup, certainty.

@string said:
Turbo Tax always asks for the $ amount you spend on on-line purchases.

I always say zero!

I always estimate.

This is no big whup to a lot of people, many of the big states like NY where I live have sought and gained agreements with most online sellers to charge sales tax anyway. There is very minimal change in my bottom line. It does simplify taxes for 2019. NY state has an estimated percent based on income which I have opted to use rather than trying to estimate the ones that don’t charge. Fact is I have probably overpaid this way but it is a minor amount and easier than an audit. If this is fully in force by 2019, I can skip that charge.
I have found most of the news stories on this one to be loaded with hyperbole, at least if you pay attention to the headlines. I am sure it is a hit in states that have not enunciated agreements, and in more remote locations where more online purchases are needed. But it is not a big deal for many in the more densely populated states where people already usually pay it.

Not a big deal for me… Amazon is a regular deliverer for items I know I have to chase for a hundred miles and then not find anyway. Unless I can find it in NH. I have a NH list of items not urgently needed. Once in a while we go to North Conway to hike.

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@string said:
Turbo Tax always asks for the $ amount you spend on on-line purchases.

I always say zero!

It is a tax deduction if you 1040.

Wall Street Journal has an enlightening take on this.

“For decades the law has prevented America’s 10,000 taxing jurisdictions from imposing collection burdens on people with no physical presence in their jurisdictions. The court has now repealed that sensible standard and invited a million bureaucratic definitions to bloom. If Justices thought the physical-presence standard was arbitrary, wait until they get a look at the multitude of replacements that will begin oozing out of municipal revenue departments.
The idea that this is a restoration of federalism is a howler—states have never in the history of the republic enjoyed such power to hassle people outside their borders. The power to tax also means the power to impose reporting rules and the power to audit. Now state and city governments are free to impose burdens that crush distant small businesses and there will be no political accountability—because the tax collectors will be oppressing people with no representation in the abusive jurisdiction.
Laura Stevens of the Journal reports:
The businesses most hurt from the U.S. Supreme Court’s internet tax ruling aren’t the big online retailers—instead, the losers will likely be the millions of small-business owners who sell on marketplaces such as Inc. and eBay Inc…
“Trying to follow all the thousands of laws of tax jurisdictions across the country would put us out of business. That is all I would do all day,” said Cyndi Zlotow, who sells about $250,000 annually of apparel and other goods on eBay, Amazon and Etsy Inc. from near Chicago.”

I guess people will write programs for tax collection. Two East end counties on Long Island have a slightly different sales tax .25% how many counties in country? Yikes!

The programmatic changes are already written for most states, as above this is no new for many NE and mid=Atlantic states. It’s not a tough change for the companies since zip code is required to get anything. As a programmer analyst I oversaw much harder ones.

From my reading this only applies to state taxes,unless I missed something counties have not been given the right to charge for online purchases. Just on-site purchases within their borders, as is already the case.

Then 4% NYS 4.25% COUNTY

PaddlDog52, where are you getting hit with county taxes in an online purchase? That is not what the court case was about or enabled and I am not aware of it happening anywhere now. You ARE getting hit with state taxes based on a prior agreement with some big guys like Amazon.

Happens often in New York State… Sales tax is partly statewide and partly county dependent I think Dog is in NYS!5131!3!228169792319!p!!g!!taxrates&ef_id=U4ty0wAABDWO6WM6%3A20180625215729%3As

Anytime I buy in NYS vendor online. Any place with physical presence in NYS

It sucks for the small retailer now having to deal with thousands of different tax rates across the country. there the ones that get screwed in this. Plus now if I sell on ebay do I have to charge tax? How much what do I do with it? Big pain in the butt.