Good fast SOT

I’m looking for a good fast SOT around 13 ft and under $1000 for ocean and intercoastal waterways. There are so many under product reviews it’s difficult to sort through them all. Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.


There aren’t many 13’ kayaks, esp.

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SOT , that are "fast".The one I tried that size was a barge. Maybe a Hurricane Phoenix.

fast sot
I have an Epic 12 or so foot sot . Its called a GPS and

they only made it for a while . Its in fiber glass and

is sort of fun . John

Epic GPS
John…I recently looked at an new Epic GPX that was 12’11", but it was a SinK. How long ago did they make the GPS SOT? I’d be interested in that for my grandson if I could find one.


RTM Disco?
The RTM Disco is a bit narrower than many SOTs, and gets good marks from folks in the lighter (under 180 pounds or so) weight range.


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you want 13' and fast? Not sure if that yak exists. Some of the faster ones: CD Kestrel SOT 14', WS Tarpon 16' (it's pretty fast..I can cruise at 4-5 mph, did a sprint to 6.5 on GPS), and OK Prowler 15 is pretty fast and very stable. Is there a reason why 13' is your limit? I highly suggest nothing short of 15' on the ocean, especially when those big swells and waves arrive.

Current Designs Altura
…if you can find one. Kevlar, moves along quite nicely. Haven’t clocked it, but it seems just as fast as my greenlander.

Original OK Scrambler
It measures 11+’, is failrly narrow,tracks fiarly straight, and is fairly fast, and way inexpensive if you find one used.

Epic stopped making the GPX as a SOT several years ago. The bow and stern dropped straight to the water, which gave it a long waterline for a 12’ kayak.

There aren’t many 13’ kayaks of any kind that are “fast”. Only faster, or “not dog slow”.

RTM Disco
Id probably the closest thing in a touring style boat.

If you are above the weight limit, look at the RTM Tempo at 15 foot.

Both well made and relatively fast SOTs for ocean.

If you want to surf, there are better, shorter boats.


Ocean kayak scupper pro
They are just over 14 feet and a great all around kayak that is one of the faster kayaks you’ll find under 16 feet long.

RTM Disco
Believe me, I have a thing about 13’3" boats! I have had several. I will spare you my theories…

I have bought about half dozen high end SOTs up to 18’ and I think the Disco is the best all around boat at about 14’ for most people in moderate conditions. It has a rounded type displacement hull that is very efficient, and still provides decent max hull speed.

But you really need to be under about 190#. I was about 215# when I bought it, and it was like paddling a bathtub half full of water. Now back down to about 180#, and its a really nice boat. Very good value, also. Way under $1K

They are made in France, and shipped by container load to Port of Miami. I had a hard time getting one shipped to the West Coast.

My go to boat is still my 13’3" OK Mars most of the time. It has a flat hull and its a real dog to paddle, but good in the West Coast surf, rock gardens, and sea caves.

PS, I used to live in Tampa, and my name is Kim.

Also, why the 13 foot limitation?
Storage? Transport? Weight?

There might be longer options to consider.


Kim? Maybe Bubba,or Bob or Killer , but Kim?

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I was born after my Dad got back from Korea.

According to him, if it had not been for some guys named Kim, I would never have been born.

You have lived in Korea, and understand the play on east/west given and sur names.

In combination with a very unusual last name, it makes my name unique. Which is why I have always been fond of aliases like “Joe”

Or maybe it was just a “Boy named Sue” kind of thing…

Isn’t the Disco the Scupper Pro?
I looked at their website and the specs looked the same.

It’s the RTM Tempo
that is the same as the Scupper Pro


Okay… I’ll Bite…
Faster than what? Why, what purpose? How big are you? What kind of conditions do you like to, or mostly paddle in?

Your question without background leads to folks giving you information that is just as “helpful” as the stuff you may be reading all over – non specific.


KasKazi This yak is a very fast SOT and can keep up with the best of the SINKS. However, it’s out of your price range but perhaps you could find a used one. Venture Sports in Fla is the only US dealer for this yak. FishHawk

Epic sot
I bought the boat about 4 years ago at a shop in NJ

There is not a seat per say . I used a similare rig in a

kayak ,a nimbus puffin . You do need a pad so you sit up and lean forward . The boats in good shape , is very light and fast .

Bic Scapa?