Goodbye - hello

-- Last Updated: Nov-17-16 3:48 PM EST --

The house has been redecorated.

No Classifieds
Buy and sale, not on the linked page. It was a valued asset, to PNET community.

Discussion Forums?

Classifieds be gone
WTF — Dumb decision-without classifieds, I will rarely look at this reconfigured site.


Classifieds be gone
WTF — Dumb decision-without classifieds, I will rarely look at this reconfigured site.


Go to Community,
then message boards.

Hopefully they’ll migrate current ongoing discussions to the new place.

Looks like we have to reregister.
Not sure though. All I can say logging in does not work there

Newsletter that arrived in my email
stated a separate email would be sent to registered members with instructions on how to reset passwords. It will arrive from ""

Looking through the discussions on the new site and comparing them to here, it appears a lot got garbled in the transition.

I guess one has to expect bugs to start flying with such a major change.

a word of wariness
The new site states that they’re still adding and incorporating, so don’t despair yet if something isn’t there yet.

I’m sure there will be bugs to work out, as with any new platform. But if they can do half as good as they did with the original, everyone will be in great shape.

reviews gone!
Years of reviews are seemingly wiped out. There is not even a review for a single Current Design kayak. This now seems to be a totally pay to play site. Commercially driven by who wants to pay for advertising. Hope I am 100% wrong. If not will will not be on the new site.

A hot mess so far
I feel like Ruth in the alien corn.

But I won’t criticize the transition team so early in the new administration.

They’re there, but you have to enter the

– Last Updated: Nov-17-16 6:23 PM EST –

manufacturer name in the search box.

Another thing I noticed is that every single comment in the discussion forums is dated 11/11/16, apparently the date the data was moved and I don't think the subjects are in the same order as when they were made.
The search function works pretty well as I had bookmarked one topic and using the title, it did come up in our newly decorated home.

Give there's been lots of comments about aging paddlers here, the new large type and brighter background surely will be pleasing. :)

great! Didn;t see them listed in manufactures list.

I think it may be set up so that

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the paid advertisers get the front page(s), which makes sense.

Am also guessing before the lights are turned out here, there will be sufficient time for folks to explore the new place - should they have the curiosity to do so.

The furniture may have been rearranged, but it's all still there.

Keep shelling the peanuts

There will be classifieds.
They’re apparently still in transition.

my windows 10 sez the area is unsafe.

Janet Reno For Governer !

I re-registered and signed in, but when I read stuff it says I have to sign in to comment. I am signed in. No place to make a new profile???

I received an email a while ago giving

– Last Updated: Nov-17-16 9:59 PM EST –

me a link to activate my account. Did that, entered my old password as my new password and that was that.

Keep checking your inbox for a message from which will contain the link.

JackL and jbernard will be happy to hear that images can be embedded in posts. Just did a test posting to check it out. Works nicely.

All kinds of interesting things at the new place.

Only one hour allowed to edit a message and I can't find a way to delete the message, or delete an image.

I signed right in with existing

– Last Updated: Nov-18-16 11:18 AM EST –

user name an password. I did have to use all lower case letters in my user name, it did not allow rWVen as I log in here.

edited to say I used the same email address, the user name did not work for the initial log-in.