Great New Sea Kayaking Magazine!!!!!!!!!

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Just wanted to take a moment to let you know about a magazine I recently subscribed to that I find to be absolutely outstanding.

It is a British publication and I believe is new.

It is called Ocean Paddler. It is hands down the best sea kayaking magazine I have seen.

Articles are super informative and written by such folks as Jeff Allen, Simon Osbourne, Gordon Brown and Justine C (not going to attempt to spell her last name..the This is the Sea maker).

Unlike most paddling magazines this one is aimed at more serious sea kayakers and would prove informative and entertaining for even the most knowledgeable paddlers.

Also is a pretty darn nice looking publication with great pictures, etc. More of a book than a magazine.

You'll pay for it (especially given the exchange rate and shipping to the US) but I have found it to be worth every penny.

You should check it out. Go to their website and take a look.


A friend brought us copy she got at SKG. It is beautiful. But it is pricey.

I’d hate to drop Sea Kayaker,…
…but this looks alot more along the lines of my interests overall. Thanks for the info.

Wow it does look nice…
Once a year or so I am fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you look at it to fly through the UK or near by country on my way to the “sandbox”. Besides my new interest in Kayaking I have about 20 hobbies. Keeps me busy and intersted. Anyway I love to buy magazines and many of the publications from the UK are fantastic. Typically they have better picures and are laid out nicer. At least I think so. This one looks like a hit to me. I might have to check it out! Thanks for the info!

12 issues per year
sooner or later, they’re going to have to write about tea

Guy who runs the gig is cool…

and it will be a bit like

$90 for 12 issues !!!
You wanna be seakayakers certainly have a lot of spare cash.

Who’s a wanna be?
Oh wait that’s me!

It is amazing how resourceful one can be in regards to money when they want something bad enough. :slight_smile: I resemble that remark!

As I said the coast is high, but to me it is worth it because I have learned a lot from it (haven’t leanred much of anything from Sea Kayaker magazine).

It’s kind of like going to the symposiums…you spend a hell of a lot of money to do so but what you learn from such top kayaking coaches is what you are paying for, and worth the money at least in my opinion.

When it comes to sea kayaking books, there are only a few out there, and even fewer are actually good. Given that I’ve already got them and read them I am eager to find more material out there to learn from. This is it in my opinion so I am willing to spend the $90.


Cost $128
Their website specifies an additonal 20 GBPounds for U.S. subscription. But it does appear to be a magazine for grown-up kayakers.

Great Magazine
I subscribe to this and it is really good. Lots of information and some decent reviews as well, including one a few issues back on the Avocet LV that will be coming to america soon. If you can afford it subscribe you will not be sorry.

thanks, looks promising
Has anyone found this on the rack in the U.S.? I’d like to check out an issue before subscribing, at $7.50 a pop (gotta love that strong U.S. dollar).

But looks pretty intriguing, thanks for the post.

Masik Publishing?
Gee - from the sounds of the Publisher name - must be some skinny stick involvement here!! :wink:


Sales in the US
Well, my latest issue arrived in the mail yesterday and the return address was Sea Kayak Georgia (Tybee Island).

Guess they must now be the “distributor” in the US. They may be able to sell you a single issue.

Also know that you can purchase back issues from OP directly. Could do that before deciding to sink the money into a subscription.


Alder Creek in Portland have loads of copies of all the back issues, and Ecomarine in Vancouver BC also stocks the magazine every month.



I was just going to type that same thing
:slight_smile: I just order three issues from I picked the ones I thought most interesting. If I like them a subscription will follow. :slight_smile:

Hey that mag reviewed the Eddyline Fathom in this issue…Positive or negative…??

I would think that depends…
On weather or not they are a sponser… lol :slight_smile:

I don’t have time for a magazine
and (which is free).

Speaking for only myself: I spend my spare time paddling and not reading or fantisizing. And there isn’t much I need or care to learn for what and where I paddle. If I need to learn something …then I’ll learn it the hard way but this is only my opinion.

Like PFDs…I’ll opt out.

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