greenland style paddle

why? better performanc?

Easier on the body for me during
long days on the water. Indexed for easy blade control. Easily drives my Wen-Vag at moderate yak cruising speeds. Try one and see. R

Oh man, now this!
In all seriousness, IMHO it boils down to a long history that has developed an extensive repertoire. Some people like that.

Bottom line, it’s all personal preference. And IMHO, people who try to sell you on an innate superiority are blowing smoke up your bung hole.

Why I like it
It’s nice to look at. It feels nice in my hands. It’s symetrical, no front or back or top or bottom. It transitions easily from normal paddling position to extended position, or anywhere in between. It has great buoyancy, which lends itself to easy retraction at the end of the stroke. It makes it easier for me to roll my kayak. It ‘sings’ to you if you are doing something wrong and dragging air down at paddle entry. It helps others start conversations, asking me about it. It makes all my other paddles seem inefficient and clunky. I enjoy paddling at least 25% more because of it.

easier on bod
The shape of the GP is much easier on the body, much less shock loading due to the gradual increase in the paddle force from the long narrow blade shape.

Fairly efficient too because of the wing effect if used correctly.

Bill H.

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Especially the rolling part. Push down and forward on a GP and it's like leaning on a concrete post. Incredible support. It's much easier to manuever under water than a euro.

And wood feels so good.

Do a quick search here…
…and you’ll find that this topic has been discussed MANY times. If you want more information, check out the QajaqUSA forum at:

I like it upwind. It’s like a low gear for my kayak.

I use my GP and my euro style paddle about equally.

> why? better performanc?

Yes. If you like it.

Depending, of course, on how you define “better performance.”

Different animal
I didn’t like GP’s at first but now they’re all I use. There’s something special about the way it feels in the hands and in the water. I never liked the way my euro paddles felt in wind, chop or currents. The GP just feels more neutral and I have more control. My rolling skills accelerated much quicker too. There’s really no reason to go on comparing performance. One is just different than the other and if you spend some time then you can decide which is best for you.


Bonus advantage over Euro
When you need to steady a camera, extend the paddle to one side, allow the natural buoancy to float that blade, and hold the camera (or binoculars) snug against the near blade. Offers amazing atability.


If you have two GPs, you can extend one out to each side and really kick back.

I find my GP at least as comfortable as my quite spendy AT crankshaft - I split time with them about equally. It’s nice to be able to change it up with a history of wrist problems.

Yes, but
the best part - it’s funky and weird. gives you that air of mystery…


The only reason I tried a greenland
paddle was because of my bad shoulder. It allowed me to paddle more with less discomfort. I didn’t like using it at first but started to like it the more I used it and learned the different techniques that work well with it. It’s a different tool that can teach you some different paddling techniques. I’m glad I had the opportunity to try one.

Greenland paddle
Paddles only do two things…Grip the water and slip through the water. Every stroke or manouver combine both gripping and slipping. Some paddles do one part well and the other not so well. For example, a wing paddle grips the water very effectively, but it slips through the water ineffectively. Great for propulsion, not so great for ruddering. The beauty of a traditional paddle (that’s what I refer to my paddle as it is carbon fiber and built in WI) is that it grips and slips equally well. I paddle alot in the Pacific ocean and and am always looking for waves to ride and rocks to play with. My paddle is the best I have used at bow, stern and hip rudders and most importantly when I am riding a wave and using a stern rudder it doesn’t create much drag which helps me to stay on the wave.

Just my 2 cents…

GPs are magical. Try a good 1 a while.

You don’t have to change the way you spell and you don’t have to pretend to be an Innuit to appreciate it. It’s a great tool. Some might say innately superior. Doh!

try one! You might like it. If you do, then try paddling with nothing but a broom handle. It’s even easier on the body and way more efficient than even a GP.

I think they are a fad too. I’ve tried one, it felt like I was wasting my time. Everyone knows canoe paddles are the way to go anyway.

West greenland? East Greenland?
what century / time span?

what about Aleutian paddles?

King Island paddles?

Baffin Island?

point I am trying to make here is that paddles were developed for different hunting conditions. depending on the boat, conditions, long haul or short sprint, body size etc, its all good.

try a single bladed aleutian…

I love them all.

even my Werner cyprus and Coryvreken !