grey object at my bow

I saw this thing that looked like a grey block at the front of the bow infront of the foot braces of my kayak. What is it ??? Thanks for your help !!!

Poke it and see if it moves…

Thanks Grayhawk…
best laugh of the day for me!


Pamilico, pick it up with rubber gloves.

Could it be foam for floatation?
I only know that boat by seeing pictures of it, but since there’s no forward bulkhead, I’m guessing that they stuffed a block of foam in the bow for floatation.

In any event, the next time you’re in a safe bit of water, I’d recommend swamping the boat completely, with you in it, to see how/if it floats, and if you can keep it stable enough in that condition to get it pumped out (remembering also, that if this does happen, it would likely be in less than calm conditions). If you discover that the current floatation isn’t enough (rear compartment + small foam block in the bow), you may be able to figure out how to improve the default floatation with a bit of custom outfitting.


I Think So
Kathy’s Pungo has the grey block also. I guess it is for floatation.

Yeah, it looked like a foam block for floatation.

Okay then, it’s settled.
It’s a foam block for flotation.

But, on the other hand…
But, on the other hand, I wonder if it could just be a block of foam for flotation! :slight_smile:

(I couldn’t resist writing this!)


Seems like a lesser sooty owl
Check the pic and tell us if this is what you saw:

that’s what I saw. Or maybe it’s a floatation block?

Same thing different reason
How about a foam block to help support the deck and keep it from collapsing? I don’t know how big the gray thing is, but I’m guessing it isn’t huge. For significant floatation I think you might still want to fill the whole bow (a very good idea IMHO).

Humpback whale?
Or possibly foam floatation. Take your pick.

Maybe someone gave birth in your bow and left the placenta?

She’s Got It…

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it's floatation, woefully insufficient.

Again, I had a Pamlico. Wonderful boat to be on a pond or small lake with to fish and hang out with the kid. Woe be you if you capsize or get swamped. The cockpit becomes a bathtub. Reentry is futile since the coaming sits only inches above water -- that's without you trying to back get back in.

If you're paddling alone and have the seat centered near the middle of the boat, you can put in float bags behind the seats and in the front although the front bag can't be fully inflated and accommodate your legs (unless you're shorter than me). Make sure the bags are tied down, or say bye-bye to them. I don't know about the new Pamlico but the old one had side rails to slide the seats back and forth on. Use the rails to secure the bags.

Is it worth doing the bags in nice summer conditions with warm water? Maybe not since you won't likely die from immersion if you have your PFD on. But dragging/swimming that swamped boat back to shore will be much more of a chore without the bags displacing water. When the water is cooler/cold, being able to scramble back into the boat in minutes may be the difference between life and death if you happen to swamp pretty far out.

Again, I think the Pamlico is a wonderful rec boat for intended usages. Find out its limitations so you don't stretch yourself into the unknown with it.


Does placenta float?
Doesn’t the bow of a yak strike you as an odd place to give birth? There’s so much more room to stretch out in a canoe…

It’s definately floatation.

Rip it out, whetever it is.
If it’s flotation, you’ll sink like a Salem witch.

Salem Witch
I thought the non-witches sank (and therefore drowned).

Thanks for the laugh!
It’s a gloomy day and I needed it.