Have you named your boat or added some special graphics?

I didn’t name my boat.
I’m in an ‘Illusion’.
The owner of that bigger boat named theirs.
Clearly, it’s ‘No Illusion’.

“…But we decide which is right,
And which is an Illusion.” (Moody Blues)

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I’ve decided yours is right, and the No Illusion is an illusion.

Both my boat name and my username – Evilwatersprite – stem from an incident from like 20 years ago. Swimming is my primary sport and my boyfriend at the time wanted to get into triathlons, so asked me to help him with his stroke. Because swimming felt kinda foreign to him, he didn’t quite understand why I flitted about like a happy little sea otter in the water. The quote was like, “You are like some kind of evil watersprite.”

I have not put the name on the boat yet, however.

One might receive themselves contusion
per setting bar high paddling in their little Illusion
that reality’s far reach from their own protrusion
thus to fall beneath a bigger No Illusion

that the Seaspray
won’t clearly see
I’m here Asprey

(Thus to paddle Nutterday)
(And Beautiful Boats Bydaway
Mariner EbenGay!)

This old flatwater Olympic training kayak I restored was just asking to be named.

Call it the Hawk, (Cheasapeake LC Arctic Hawk 2008) Build took 4mos.
Devoted all free time to construction effort. Graphics took a while
I drew them out to size first. Used some stencil like techniques to keep
lines straight, paint job added 3 weeks. It had seven coats of varnish with
out a single fisheye. I varnished over the paint as well. Those faces have taking
a beating.


I built it


I have added stickers from every state I paddled that boat in. Doing parks/ places might be cool as well.

The only boat I have ever named. Wish I still had the boat; my favorite whitewater solo, a Mohawk Probe 12 II.
Loved the boat, and the song by Hendrix.