Hello from Maine AND help with an old kayak

British company Reed Aquatherm has some spray decks that will match your cockpit size: it would be 61 cm by 43 cm in their fitting range which would be the size they call “Ocean B”. They note that this will fit Anas Acuta and Pintail boats, which might be helpful to know in cross referencing other brands of skirts. You might have to order from a UK company though Reed has a few US dealers.


Topkayaker sells a spray deck for the Anas Acuta (26" by 18"). A half to and inch on each side should not make a difference in fitting a stretchy skirt. Are you measuring the outside of the coaming?.:


You could also consider having a custom tuilik made – this combines a dry top with an attached spray skirt. Paulo Oullet makes quite nice ones to your measurement.


Thanks a BUNCH folks!

I’ve been watching Paulo’s free vids, very good stuff there. And yes, I measured the outside of the coaming.

I’ll see what your suggestions have to offer.

Looks Aquatherm is the winner for me. I need one measurement that will have to wait till I get home so it can wait til then.

That tuilik is twice what I paid for the boat. LOL