HELP ME pick a kayak!!!

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After kayaking in my inflatable 11 ft Sevylor Tahiti Classic, it's time to sell the inflatable and get a hard shell!!!

but now here's the problem: I can't decide on which one to get!

I'm only tryin' to find a decent beginners kayak at around $250.
I am a college student on a tight budget: not to mention I also drive a Jeep, go rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, and camping. So I spend enough money on enjoying the great outdoors as is.

The two kayaks i've been looking at are:

The Old Town Otter Sport


the Victory Blast kayak

I'm leaning towards the Victory kayak because I've read better reviews about it on And it can go on both flat water and class I and II whitewater easily. Not to mention I'll be taking it to state parks and doing some fishing on the yak.
Just FYI: I am 6ft tall and weight around 180lbs.

If y'all have any suggestions or other kayak y'all think I might like let me know!

A Pink Old Town Otter
The Otter is the classic indestructible pumpkinseed boat, and some of the Big Box stores are selling pink ones. The color is so cool I almost bought one. But then I remembered I just sold my old Otters on Craiglist. Do seriously spend a little time looking for used. My first boats were three used Otters I bought at a livery for $150 each, with paddles. I sold them six years later on Craigslist for $200 each, with the same beater paddles.

only problem
It’s very hard to find used kayaks around where I live because most people in the area prefer their bass boats and jet skis. In fact, none of the lakes I’ve been on around here even had other people kayaking on there.

But I will definitely keep my eyes open for any used kayaks. :slight_smile:

do you have money for a paddle, pfd, some type of splash gear? It’s nice to have at least a couple of small dry bags as well. Not to also mention a bilge pump and paddle float.

Gear that I have…
I have 2 paddles…one of 'em is pretty decent while the other is just a spare. One extra large dry bag, 2 PFDs…that’s about it but I know I’ll be adding a lot more when I get a hardshell.

Do you have something to carry your boat?

I have a Jeep with a roof rack and a kayak roof rack kit and a lock for the kayak when it’s on the Jeep.

Have you checked your local
for a used boat? At your height, I would look at at least a 12’ boat.

Also look on the Austin craigslist
A bit down the road, but not that far. Besides, you could try it out on Town Lake. Good used recreational sit inside kayaks go for around $300-450 in most Texas markets, sit on tops are preferred. I paid $350 for a three year old Old Town Loon 138 in very good condition, for example. Sometimes, you’ll find one on the various kayak fishing forums. The largest is Austin also has a kayak fishing forum.

Just make sure it’s RED
They all float and it’s all about the motor.



Thanks for the additional advice…
however, Austin’s about a 3 hour drive away and I really cannot afford to spend much more than $280 max on a kayak.

Town lake is pretty amazing though!

lots of boats
check out craigslist for DFW:

#1 question:
Does your college have a kayak club? If so, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

No :frowning:

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Unfortunately they don't have kayaking in any form. Not even rowing or canoing classes.

And i've pretty much fine combed craigslist...didn't find anything that I really liked on there.

… only joking:-)

Of course there may be some on this board…

Good luck - that’s a tight budget but things do show up on the used market.

your standards are too high
a month or two more of no paddling, and you’ll come back to craigslist on your hands and knees

you’ll be back

Craigslist isn’t all that bad…
I’ve found plenty of awesome things on there :slight_smile:

but there’s not a lot of kayaks to choose from in the DFW craigslist.

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I’ve heard much worse!

It’s all good :slight_smile:

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