Help! (name that baby)

They won’t let us take our baby home until we give it a name!!!

I was hoping for Noah spelled NOAA, but my wife nixed that. Then I was thinking I could slip Edward Linus (“Eddyline”) by her, but she caught it.

Quick–baby needs a good name!!!

(the numbers)
(for those who follow this sort of thing)

7 lbs, 1 oz

20" (tippy)

at 5 pm 8/31/06

“Tempest” is a good name

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Naw. That sounds girly. It's a boy, right?

How about "Kevlar"?

Congratulations. I'm sure the tippiness will go away over time.

Ekimi… Pygmy for quiet/peaceful (my boat’s name)

Akami… Pygmy for noise/conflict

Needs more deniable plausability
(Although “Kev” might make it under the radar!)


maybe … “Pygmy”

I like it!


Congrats! and Vela
Vela - named for a sea siren. Unless your wife knows P&H boats she won’t catch it. And a whole lot easier to use in school than Quaa-what-the-heck.

Many congratulations. Going to stock up on some DVD’s for paddling entertainment over the next few months?

How about “Chatham”?

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It means 'from the hamlet of Chat'

(insert smiley face here)

NOT "Necky"! That would be mean. Little Tempest and Kevlar would tease him mercilessly.

I always liked Hezekiah.

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I know its not boat related.
Hobie might be worth a try. I actually know a Hobie.


more like
XXXS drysuit with drop seat

Is this your first?

Oh - it’s a boy? Then…
real easy. Shark. Good nickname for a sea kayak and no one will mess with him in school.



How about Nigel? It’s definitely well known in the kayaking world (Dennis and Foster)… yet it will still fly under the radar.

I tried!
She caught that too

Not Kudzu

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Iris, Violet, and Rose all teased me mercilessly.

How about Tsunamichuck?

(Boy named Tsu ... now that's punny.)

Maybe Derek?

No! no! no!

Second vote for Chatham
Wicked cool kayaking name. Chat for short. Very masculine. You oughta consider it.

TC, you slay me.