Help with pyranha prozone 230

Hi all. I am brand new to this forum and I have just this second bought my first kayak. Can anyone tell me (as I bought mine second hand) if you can have foot rests for the prozone 230? Mine doesn’t have any :roll_eyes: thanks guys

I don’t know the answer, but here’s an old thread about that kayak.

WW boats don’t have foot pegs. Instead there are shaped minicell pieces on each side in the bow that you add or take out to fit your leg length. If you bought it used from someone bigger than you, they would have removed some to fit longer legs. Often called foot blocks.

I am a bit concerned about this purchase. Even if you actually want a WW boat, the 230 has volume apt for what was husband’s size at 180 pounds and 5’11". Judging from your screenname, you may be of the female persuasion and smaller than that.

And, did you want a WW boat? They don’t go straight or very fast, does not make for a touring boat on ponds and lakes.

Ah, then I’ve made a big mistake. You are correct as I am female and only 5 ft 2. I only wanted to go on rivers, ponds and lakes. What would you have recommended? Thank u so much for this helpful advice. I am a complete beginner really so appreciate all help :blush:

If you did use it, you would be able to paddle on the waters you talk about. it would be very slow and would spin on a dime (you will likely have a lot of trouble making it paddle straight). If you have the boat, might be worth going out for some paddles anyway while you sort out a better boat.

Check out an article on the different types of categories of kayaks in this magazine: Issue #10. If you stick to smaller bodies of water, and the rivers are slow moving, a recreational class or sit on top kayak could work. If you wanted to paddle larger bodies of water, then a sea kayak may be best. If the rivers are fast moving, then a properly fitting white water kayak (so the boat you have now, but a model that is iyour size) would be the way to go.

If white water or sea kayak boat, taking a class on needed skills would be strongly recommended (before buying, as you will learn a lot that will help your choice). Not a bad thing to do if rec boat or sit on top.


My first reaction is extremely unkind to the seller. You are not responsible for what you don’t know.

I have an older lnnazone that would likely work for you, l was topping it out when l had it and l am not likely to be that lean again.

But it sounds like you need a rec or touring kayak for at least most of your paddling. Take a look at the article mentioned above, see if it helps your thought process on what you are seeking.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate everyone’s help. I did a course once and had to practice capsising, but this was many years ago. I have booked my self in for a refresher course. Thanks all :blush:

Can you use one of their boats? The reason to practice capsizes is to learn how to reenter from the water.

WW boats are simply not designed for that. You need to be in some level of a touring boat.