Here is a photo I took today of why not to buy a pelican

Keep in mind this is in Connecticut, not a particularly hot state.

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Looks like it could use a couple of hundred grams of Sildenafil.

When I lived in Tucson my neighbor stored a plastic kayak in his garage. We had several days where the temperature was around 115 F. His kayak turned into a puddle on his garage floor. I don’t remember the brand. I don’t think Pelicans had hit the market yet.


But should I try a sit on top? :wink:

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Maybe took on some rainwater?


Good call. It looks like the only sit-in kayak that’s stored deck-up. It probably collected that abundant rain that the northeast has been getting, and some sun-baking probably didn’t help.

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Agree w some above that it also got some rain - on top of the absurd heat in the northeast this year. The turquoise blue one bottom right appears to be a pretty similar boat, but it is stored upside down.

I have seen a couple of non-Pelican but probably big box longer kayaks go by on cars over the years with the bow tilted down to the bow line, both times on quite hot days. I don’t know which was more striking - the deformation itself or the fact that the person tying it down did not notice that the boat was bent.


Pelicans have never been domesticated. They need live fish to survive. They do not like humans much at all and are best left in the wild. That’s why.


As long as we are guessing. My guess is a fat kid named Kenny and his buddy Brad were walking along and because that one was sticking out more than the rest he ran into it. Seeing as it was locked down from the far side he decided to sit on the bow to see if it would hold him as indicated by the abundance of footprints around that area. The kayak along with all of them were slightly warmed by the sun and all susceptible to damage but this one was the right height and width for Kenny to hop on. Once he did it failed Brad started laughing and Kenny quickly looked around and said lets get out of here. The two swore an oath to never speak of it again but Brad returned later to take a photo to post on social media to torment Kenny over his stupid action. Like most things this went viral with the tic toc folks that don’t work and just repost stuff endlessly.

If Paul Harvey was alive he would now tell you “Now you know the rest of the story. Good Day!”

The moral of the story if you are going to store your boat on a public rack put it on the top. White side up. :upside_down_face:



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I think this is a Junk.


I think you nailed it…

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I just saw this Pelican at local Salvation Army with Harmony 2 piece paddle, PFD, cart, huge soft fishing cooler and roof foam blocks for $129.

That is actually a very good deal. if you have a friend with a cottage on a pond, it’d be a nice package.


Geez, don’t you know art when you see it. It’s an homage to Salvador Dali.



Word association.
Sure it’s junk; it was made in China.
It’s a “Chinese junk”.



Is there more than one Pelican Kayak or is this one something different? Everything I’ve seen says they are made in Canada in one of three factories there. Same company that owns Perception, Dagger, Harmony, Wilderness Systems, etc?

I feel the urge to take it and turn it over and pour 200f water on the bend while someone reverse pushes on the end. I have a feeling it would be like the movie Christine watching the hull repair itself.

You are correct. Pelican kayaks are not made in China.

Pelican has over 870 employees who work across three manufacturing sites in North America

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Oh boy, another posting to trash Pelicans! Would expect that it made a 100% recovery.

What makes a “low end” polyethylene boat more at risk of heat warping than a “better” polyethylene boat? Thinner hull? I would think any plastic boat might soften and deform if left in the sun, but this picture looks like an extreme case.