How do you carry your GPS?

In a canoe, I have a small rigid case that protects my GPS (Garmin eTrex) in between occasional use, but for sea kayaking I’d like to have the little guy waterproof, visible, on deck, attached, and still be able to push the buttons on the sides. Any suggestions?

Aloksaks look flexible, light, and cheap, and are supposed to be dry, but lack any tie-down. AquaPac makes GPS specific cases. Anyone tried them? What do you use?

I just got a water proof GPS, bought the Suction cup mount, bungee it down and secure it with cord, G2G!!

Laying on sprayskirt
with lanyard (extended with a loop of string) looped to a forward deck bungie.

As for waterproofing, I wouldn’t find it very useful to be inside anything, so I just trust that the water resistance is what they claim it to be. My particular paddling scenario doesn’t involve any extended topside submersions.

I just got a GPSMap76Cx for xmas and will hope for the best. I think the side buttons on the Etrex would be especially difficult to operate from within a typical waterproof bag, such as an Aquapac.


I have a small Voyageur dry bag with a window on the front that clips to the deck cords in front of me. It is visible, and I can push the buttons through the window. But all my controls (I have a Magellan Explorist) are in the front. The only button on the side is the on-off switch.

Really the bag is only for convenient attachment…the GPS itself is waterproof. I suppose I could use a lanyard on the attachment for it on the GPS…perhaps yours has an attachment point too?

Dry Pac
I carry my eTrex Legend in a DryPac with it carabinered to my front deck bungee. It works great, can see and read all the information in the window, can easily work the buttons on the side and don’t have to worry about the manufactuers claims about waterproof! Do lots of rolling, never had aproblem.

Minicel holder on deck…

What ever you do put it in a waterproof
bag. To many people have not done that and then had problems with their GPS even though it was waterproof. That being said I put mine (Magellan Marine)in a Voyager bag and clip it to my bungies.

What Grayhawk said.


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I put mine in a waterproof bag and hang it down from my neck with the lanyard. The GPS is up-side-down inside the bag for easy viewing. My Garmn is waterproof but I don't want to risk it. Grayhawk has a good hands-free setup. I might copy it, but I'll still use a bag.

Cableas carries small clear pelican cases that have a tiedown.

Bout 15-20 dollars and very waterproof.

Hopefully getting one for my kayak for my GPS, cell phone and my keys.

Problem is,
You can’t push any buttons with a hard shell case. I prefer a soft bag (by Dry Paks).

And also
As shown in the photo on the link that you provided, the yellow opening of the case hase a very generous sized hole that will take a fairly sturdy carabiner to attach the unit to your boat. Love the setup.

Like your GPS setup!
What type of mount is that and where can I get one? Got my husband a GPS for his bithday last year. Santa put a GPS dry bag his stocking. This type of mount would work great for him.


Same as Grayhawk and Kudzu

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mine is a minicell wedge.
I drilled a half inch hole through it about an inch from the base and pushed a piece of of 1/2" cpvc pipe through it.
Then I have a bungee with a plastic hook on each end that is running through the pipe and it hooks on the safety line on each side.
I have a piece of velcro glued to the angled face of the minicell, and a matching piece of velcro glued to the back of the water proof pouch that I keep the GPS in.
The GPS in the pouch can be picked off for settings or whatever, and at the end of the day the whole set up is just unhooked.
The pouch is EwaMarine or Voyageur is just as good and with either it is easy to operate the buttons.


and Happy New year,


Your bungee hook
looks larger than 1/2 inch. How did it get through the pipe?

I copied Jackl’s…
but I don’t use the bag…

How DO you get the bungee hooks thru the PVC?

No, I am not a magician!

At Boaters World or West Marine or most outfitters they sell packages of hooks and you make up your own bungee.

You can buy the stretch cord by the foot.

Make one end up with a hook. Feed it through the tube and then put the other end on.

I hate those safety tabs on the hooks, so I cut most of the plastic off, and then they hook on and off much easier.

I keep a bunch of the hooks and cord in my paddling tool box which I never leave home without, so if any of you every meet me on the water, I would be glad to make one up for you, (takes only a minute or two)

Cheers, and happy New year,


I’ll be down there in a couple of weeks
and will gladly make you up one.


Aqua Pac
I have an ETrex Vista that I carry in an Aqua Pac cellphone case. It’s a tight fit, but it allows decent use of the buttons on the side of the unit. The joystick is a pain to use, tho.

Garmin Marine holder.
I use a Garmin Marine Holder for my Gps. Works great. FishHawk