how do you get your coffee fix

while camping?

Looking for advice, suggestions and general help.

Drinking lots of coffee…
I have a Thermos french press and love it. People line up at my tent in the morning.

Companion Cup with the Coffee Press accessory… yumm!

freeze dried instant coffee
The past few years I’ve resigned myself to going with those flakes–freeze dried Folgers coffee in the glass jar. It’s so convenient and almost as good as the real thing. The problem is, I’m growing intolerant and starting to want/miss the real thing! ;-(

you don’t mind that the press
is made out of plastic? I thought about going that route, but returned it. In the end, I’d like to try to avoid hot water and plastic. I get enough plastic in my diet.

I finally switched
to instant coffee. One morning, when rushing to launch, I made my coffee, then to save time I dumped my granola into the coffee and found it improved both considerably (it helps alot if you have a weakness for chocolate granola). Now its how I start most camping days.


Yeah, thought that too…
But since my schedule only allows limited usage (boo hoo), I figured it was worth the risk! I like the convenience since we use the JetBoil for cooking.

"it improved both considerably"

Anyone tried Java Juice?

Looks QED to me.

I have been using a MSR MugMate with good results.


Coffee grounds are garbage and attract bears,so they must be packed out and put up in a bear bag.They get real heavy after a while. I premeasure Tasters Choice instant,sweetener,and flavored powdered creamer in small plastic bags-just add hot water not too bad tasting.


Grinds right in pot
Don’t boil, but get just to that point. Pull pot off stove and spin it vigerously. Centrifugal force does what a press does. Let it sit a couple of minutes and pour grind free great coffee. How much you toss in the pot is up to your taste and you’ll figure that out.

No filters, no foo foo appliances, no nonsense. This freaks people out cuz they can’t understand how it works at first but once they get comfy with spinning the pot it’s a done deal. I know of zero burns in twenty five years in the outdoor industry with cowboy coffeee method.

Expensive, but it’s the only instant I have tried that I actually like. I still may use a french press when canoe camping but if I’m backpacking - not - hauling around a press.

Same here
Put like 8 tbsp in the pot (forget pot size but it ends up with coffee for four). As soon as it starts to boil, remove from fire, a quick stir to settle the foam, a rap on the sides to settle any grinds from the side (probably just a useless habit) and after it settles pour continuously into a second pot. I only get grounds if I’m not careful in the pour.


Bad thing about coffee
is it naturally compels #1 and #2 so I avoid it in the morning before paddling.

It is funny to watch 4 0r 5 folks whip out their coffee press and brag. Try mine, try mine… It’s like they invented coffee or their REI press is better than effing Starbucks(which is the nastiest coffee on the planet bar none) It is almost like they are seeking your seal of approval on their pressed and often crunchy coffee.

I prefer chocked full of nuts, folgers, or maxwell house slow perked over any of those PNW pinkie raising status coffees.


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make a second cup for adding oatmeal , craisons, pecons,etc

just have to heat water once for breakfast. Grind fresh bean before the trip, carry in a small baggie

Best Wishes

a better instant
I’ve tried various options for years, but can never justify carrying a dedicated coffee-making contraption. Worst ever solution was the tea-bag coffee “singles”. That’s some bad joe!

What I’m happiest with, both for ultimate convenience and quite passable taste, is Medaglio D’Oro, instant espresso powder. You can get it at most grocery stores, and it’s worlds better than folgers crystals.

In my camper, I have a 12 cup pot.
When hiking, I have a pocket rocket and drink tea. Tried and can’t stand those instant coffee packets.

I have a "coador"
basically a sock like material around a wire holding the “sock” open and on a handle. (think windsock)

add grounds and then hot water.

it just doesn’t get any better than that.


Melita filter and good coffee
I use a plastic Melitta brand filter holder and filters. Put a good amount of quality coffee in the filter and pour hot water through. Coffee drips directly into your cup and tastes great. Coffee is important enough to me that I don’t mind taking the filter holder (only a few ounces), the filters, and freshly ground coffee. If possible, I dry the used filters and coffee grounds and then burn them. If not, I pack them into the garbage.


why didn’t I think of it sooner :wink: