How do you mount/store your kayak?

That’s how all my boats spend winter on padded 2x4. They might have white stuff on them for a day or 2 in January or February.

Got both hoists installed. I overlapped the boats a bit so they wouldn’t shade the lights too much!

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It certainly looks like I can get one more boat in there, possibly two if I back the Jeep up. (But I want to keep the garage door really clear for the snow blower.


Looks like a decent sized garage @NotThePainter. Is it time to build a kayak now??? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Almost! When we bough the place we made sure I could fit kayaks out of the side door from the basement workshop area. So yes, it is almost time. I need to build out some walls and move stuff around first, but yes, soon, I hope.

I guess I then need to decide which Cape Falcon boat I want to build. I want the West Greenland because it is gorgeous but the F1 is a far more sensible boat.