How heathy are you?

This quiz is fun. It tells you how healthy you are. Who has the highest score? I got a 48.

I got a 47
I am guessing a “1” is healthiest :slight_smile:

It’s An Ad Posing as A “Health Quiz”

I got a 90
by choosing the maximum quantities of everything. Yeah, I lied. My alter ego is a hibernatory weight lifting zen practicing marathon running foodaholic.

High score
I think the higher the better in this case. The high 40’s must be average. Anyone get over 50?

The add promotes Soy and Walnuts
In their super supplement food list they list walnuts and soy. I just read that soy is not so good for you, and I know from personal experience that walnuts = throat closing wheezing death or an exciting trip to the ER.

I scored a 59 but I think I’ll stick with my regular diet.

Definitely a “Superfoods” sales pitch. I fully expect to get invited to a Superfoods sweat lodge retreat in AZ as a result of taking this quiz.

FWIW, I got a 59. Imagine what I could score if I ate avacados!! :smiley:

I guess I did better than I thought
I was a 68. I thought that was bad. But I do eat most of what they are trying to push on you anyway. Most of my protein is soy or nuts, so I guess I had an unfair advantage. Chaz

Didn’t read it, but I guess I am still…
healthy, since once again I woke up and am full of piss and vinegar !



soy bad for you?
I don’t know if I believe that. I’m gonna do some research. If any one has a link that may help could you post it please?

Ad or not, it was based on current nutritional guidelines.

But, I agree, it’s an ad disguised as a quiz.

got me on the weight training

Healthy lifestyle is important
If anybody is interested in a diet and lifestyle that can reverse heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, etc., you may want to check out my story.

I’ve reversed all of these diseases and gotten off all my (awful) meds - which didn’t work very well anyhow.

You can even check out my “after” picture in my Nordkapp LV. That was a nice problem to have. After losing so much weight, I had to sell my “big guy” boats. I don’t miss being a “high volume” guy at all.

soy is bad for you
Mens Health had an issue a while back in which they declared it possibly the worst food a man can eat.

Apparently it will turn you from “paddleboy” to “paddlegirl”

I prefer eggs and fish for protien anyway.

I read that too
and we joke that I cry at sad movies and things like that. I’ve been on mostly soy products for 3 years and haven’t noticed any negative reaction. I’m stil as competative as ever, and I’m healthier. Everyone has to decide what’s best for them. I’m 6’2" 205lbs with under 10% body fat so I’m fit with this diet and feel better than when eating meat and higher fat foods. Chaz

So what is it ness, where’s that extra point coming from? The pumpkin you eat every day? :slight_smile:


That’s an amazing story!

I got a 24 but I feel good

Thanks, Paddleboy
Although my story is amazing, it is commonplace for people who follow this program. I took a kayak trip out to Angel Island recently with another “Star McDougaller”, James Brown. You could view his story at

He is on the first row of pictures at the far right side. He was scheduled for a bypass because he couldn’t walk a block down the hill from his house. He refused the surgery, followed this program, and is doing great now - no more heart disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high bp etc. and now needs no meds - same as me. Everybody gets better on this program.

If there is one person who reads this and gets better, I will feel good about posting this.