how long does the kayaking season last

I am thinking that it would be beautiful to be out when the leaves are changing, how long can you go out in the northeast area before it gets too cold on the water?

It never ends…
Some of us go out all year long (as long as the water is liquid). Just be sure to do your research and dress for cold water (drysuit/wetsuit etc.)

Up on Tahoe it is year round
and the water does not have to be liquid

Just make sure you are dressed to swim.

best time to make the crossing from
woods hole ot marthas vinyard is now till the end of october. Only some moderate skills and a wetsuit required maybe a paddling top.

Just not in a row.

I managed to get out in every month in New York in 2004, but missed February (so far) this year. I don’t live near the coast, so this is lakes, streams and rivers.

The key is to dress properly for water immersion. I also do not kayak alone in cold months and tend to stay in shallow water, close to shore streams in the dead of winter. Fortunately, a few places stay ice free 24/7/52.


Is it hard to roll in those condidtions?

I live 1/4 mile from a big lake…
…and I paddle as long as it isn’t frozen over.

It is actually easier
Just hurts a whole lot more!

I did not know you were a woman. I am from Mass. and we kayaked until it was too cold thru the plastic amd the water drips froze on our laps. That is a better answer. Sorry, again.

PNET Crazies
You know when you ask a question like that there are people here who would paddle in -270 C liquid methane on Saturn’s moon TItan if the waves were good and they could get to the put-in.

Last December my wife told me the neighbors told her I was crazy because I drove five hours for a chance to sleep in my car, get up at 5:00 AM to surf in freezing temperatures and high winds (and I am one of the people here who does not like cold.)

(When I used to canoe paddle in Pennsylvania I gave it up for December-February. Dress to swim, and you can probably paddle most of the year there.)

When I read this…
“You know when you ask a question like that there are people here who would paddle in -270 C liquid methane on Saturn’s moon TItan if the waves were good and they could get to the put-in.”

The first person to pop into my mind was (of course) Sing.

I’m SURE he would find a way.

Yes or Chuck

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I was thinking about Chuck's pictures from Reno in the River Play Park in the Snow last year. I just noticed he already posted below.

(I think liquid methane would dissovle Sing's Secret Silicone Sealant he uses on his face but he'd probably still go for it. )

i love it.

Up here in Massachusetts
We take some of January and some of February off to go skiing. The rest is paddling season.

When the water and/or air is cold dress to swim and to paddle home afterwards. Wesuits, drysuits and extra dry clothes all can play a part in that.

Paddle safe,


New York is truely blessed with water ways and Fall foliage. Mid November you might start to notice a “chill” in the air. Paddle with a friend. Cold water can really get one in trouble. Enjoy, but paddle safe.

I see there are some real fanatics here,haha, and cooldoctor, its ok, I have a sense of humor, your comment had me laughing.

We paddle in the
middle of winter. -8 is the coldest yet, not sure I wanna repeat than soon. As long as ya have buddies to paddle with and proper cold weather immersion gear as well as a plan ya can get out year round.

I Stop On January 1
(NYC) I’m not much of a cold weather person, so I don’t invest in the dry suit I should have to go year round. As fall progrsses and the water temperature goes down, I add heavier immersion layers. I avoid the spring’s cold water. I monitor the water temps,and usually go back in the water around the end of May, or early June.

I actually had an unplanned capsize one January 1 with water temp in low 50’s with wet suit plus layers. There was a gasp reflex (potentialy dangerous), but once it passed, I was okay for the few minutes it took for me to be rescued.


What season?
I thought it was a year round sport! At least it is for me.

Stay safe on the water,

NC Cal

What is a season?
I’m in South Florida, can anybody explain me what a season is?