How many canoes do you own?..

Just curious…Also, have you acquired most/all of your canoes new or in used condition? Do they all get used? Thanks.


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I get them all used and cheap (except one that I replaced on insurance after theft)...

NC Prospector 16'
Esquif Vertige X (outfitted tandem & solo)
MR Outrage
C-1 converted Wavesport Score

All get used. Mostly the Outrage.

It's a pretty good quiver for us, especially with the Vertige X outfitted for solo or tandem - there's never an odd number of people. And we can do a wide range of rivers.

The only thing we're missing to complete the fleet is a fast cruiser, which would be great if we get into ocean tripping, but for now I'm interested in the rivers.

I'm starting to watch for a new solo to replace the Outrage, hoping that Esquif's TwinTex material will be good.


My boats are listed in my P-Net profile. The Supernova hasn’t been used much yet (it only just arrived the middle of last summer), but according to the master plan, that will change next year when I start hitting some of the really scenic whitewater a few hours north of my home. At the moment, with the temporary exception of the Supernova, they all get used regularly. I’d be lost without my two rowboats too, as they have their own advantages at times. Also, the rowboats were my entrypoint into this madness.

not enough

Do we really want to go there again?!

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Ok, but first a disclaimer: I DO NOT have the most boats on There are atleast two that have more than I do. They just keep quite.

Well, I think it is less than 20 total canoes now.

A few years ago could have said most used, but think the majority now were new when purchased. Only paid full price for the Kruger Sea Wind Canoes, all others were discounted from about 15% to almost 80%.

Most get used. Many are not here, but loaned out doing good, or maybe bad deeds. ;^) Collector canoes are not used, but in high and dry storage. One is hanging overhead above the couch in the familyroom.

So, tell us how this info helps you?




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They are listed in my profile.
Sold four this year.
Most are new; but have some used ones too.
All of them get used.
Have two spaces available right now in the garage.
I'd really like to fill those spaces; preferably with a Blackhawk Zephyr, and perhaps a Bell Merlin II.
Would seriously consider a Sawyer Shockwave, Old Town Northern Light, Whitesell Descender, or Whitesell Piranha.


P.S. Pole barn construction in Spring will offer "beau coup" space.

Bought a dagger reflection 5 years ago. Love it. Looking for swift dumoine or bell yellowstone for next canoe. have bought 3 boats, sold 2 since buying dagger, but they have masts and/or motors.

3 - bought 2 new, made one.
Working on another.

Nova Craft Bob’s Specioal - purchased new

Old Town Pack - purchased used

Wenonah Vagabond - purchased used

All get used regularly


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Wha Ho, Pilgrims;

Yup, ah's gots de sickness too - 8 canoos an' one o' dem kayaks. Lets see...

1978 Old Town Tripper (new)
1936 wood/canvas 17' OT OTCA (used)
OT Cascade (new)
MR F/G Independence (new)
MR Guide (new)
Bell BlackGold Wildfire (new - pro deal)
Mohawk Probe 12 (new)
Wenonah 16' Prospector (new - pro deal)
Pgymy Arctic Tern 17 (home built)

Had a bunch o' utters - some new, some used but sold dem over de years. Use most o' dem at one time o' de utter. Did ah' say ah's gots de sickness...

Fat Elmo

4… for now

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Evergreen Sunburst 2
Evergreen Starburst
Dagger Ocoee
Swift Raven

All wood and canvas.

1914 Old Town Charles River, 1954 Peterborough Trapper, 1920 Chestnut Bob’s Special, 1910 Carleton Penobscot, 1940 Old Town Guide, 1920+/- Robertson long Deck, 1920+/- short Deck, 1940+/- EM White Guide, 1970 +/- Chestnut Prospector.

There’s a stitch and glue kayak around here somewhere too.

3 canoes
bought one new , the others used.

Wenonah Champlain (bought new)

Old Town Cannadienne 16

Swift Shearwater

All get used, but the Shearwater is used the majority of time.

Hey FatElmo. Any tie to "Fat Elmos"
sports shop (incl canoes and kayaks) in Breezewood, PA?

Go by there frequently and have always wondered.



a 2005 we-no-nah spirit in kevlar bought it new

and a 1988 17’ grumman i just bought in nov. off of p-nets classifieds an it has only been in the water two times since it was new and stored inside

not a dent or scratch in it, can’t wait to try her out

did you ever stop there Mick?
I did, once. Never have five minutes been more wasted.

I’m betting that our Fat Elmo is not connected with that shop. My money is on the Breezewood “Fat Elmo’s” being owned by one of the five families that own everthing in Breezewood and are politically connected enough to have so far prevented an interchange being constructed between the PA turnpike and Route 70. All traffic must route through their town causing 25 mile plus traffic jambs on major holiday weekends.

Sorry for the rant. Breezewood is one of my pet peeves.

P.S. Congrats on your new boats. I’ve got a hot pink NRS throw bag that would look great with your XL. Is the Probe outfitted?

One tripping canoe, one whitewater.

Wha Ho, ye lucky Pilgrim…

Gad Zooks. Ah’d be’a one mighty happy varmint if ah’ had all dem wood/canvas canoos - 'specially de Chestnut Prospector. Nice collection.

Fat Elmo

Fat Elmo’s

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Wha Ho, Mick;

Nope, no coonectoon at all. Never even heard o' dat utter Fat Elmo. He be a' stealin' my trademark. Gotta set de Mingos on dat polecat. Me'thought ah' be de one an' only. Ah' do knows ah's been around one heck o' a lot longer den dat utter Elmo, me'reckons.

Fat Elmo

Not Enough, Down to Seven Boats

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Least ammont of canoes I've had in a looooong time, 3 canoes and 4 kayaks.
Mad River Explorer (I know, they call EVERYTHING an Explorer now, but this is the "Original" 16' Royalex)
Mad River 14TT
Wenonah Adirondack
Dagger Delta
Dimension Typhoon
Liquidlogic Tryon
L.L. Bean Manatee (same as Perception Swifty)
I've paddled all of them, but only the better half paddles the last two now. I no longer own a Mohawk Solo 14 because the company had the audacity to go out of business! I thought I'd sell my red royalite and get a white royalex. But the company had no more Solo 14's before I knew what was happening! Best laid plans.... I really want a Placid Boatworks Spitfire and Rapidfire, and if I ever have that much money to spare, aa Kruger Seawind. WW