How many of your kayaks are registered?

I just learned today that apparently the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries expects you to register your kayak in order to use it… which bewilders me considering that you don’t have to register a sailboat. So, my question is this - how many of you are “paddle legal”? Are you registered? Any tips or advice regarding the matter?

Not Yet
We dont have to register un-powered boat under 18 feet overall in NC. I suspect that as our state legislators look more closely for more revenue our day are numbered.

This is a state to state issue which has come up on this forum before. Some places require registration, others dont.

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We have seven kayaks
We have the ID nos of each, and if any one wants us to register them they know where they can go.



One kayak
When I lived in Illinois we had to register our kayaks to use them or else face like an $85 fine if caught without a sticker.

Up in Michigan where I am now, no registration required.

You still have to register in Illinois
and the Department of Natural Resources is fairly active giving out tickets if you don’t have a sticker on your yak or canoe.

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I have a seasonal home in Trenary.

Here in PA registration is required
In a way it’s good because it might help to find a boat that was stolen or abondandened.

9 boats
all registered

$206.oo to Pa.s D.C.N.R.

what a rip off,I can only use 1 at a time but if I get cought useing a launch site without it then what will I pay?

ohio registry
I am in Ohio, and we have to register, but it is only $15 for three years. Apparently the boat police are active on it. In my first kayak I got pulled over…that is when I learned about it lol. It was new so they let me go on it.


Have visited and paddled in LA, IL, PA
without registering. Y’all are welcome to paddle in Georgia without registering.

If I’m ticketed for using an out-of-state boat, I’ll just take the ticket and walk off.

No motor, no registration required here- except sailboats over 12 feet.

I hope by saying so, i’m not bringing this to the wrong people’s attention.

Registered all 3 with the PA people—it’s actually a launch permit for use in the PA State Park system. Other than State Parks–they don’t have to be regiestered in PA.

$18 for 2 years—better than being hassled by the park ranger!

yes, Ohio steals our money…
…and lies about how much we get for it.

It’s merely extortion.

I’ve seen 14 year old kids rip through no wake zones on jet skis while ODNR, in boats, checked registrations of kayakers on shore.

Ohio hates hand paddlers and wants to drive us out.

And I’m considered to be a moderate on the issue.

At least Ohio doesn’t charge visitors.
I understand that they did at one time, but changed their minds. Minnesota still requires outsiders to register their craft. They might get better compliance if they discounted the cost for people who will be there only a short time.

Texas doesn’t require paddle craft to
register. As for registration helping you get back a stolen craft, that’s a pile. Its no more helpful than having the serial number off your kayak or canoe. Registration is only for revenue enhancement, it does nothing for the paddle crowd.

not required in TN
and when visiting Ohio they (the DNR) told me to have my drivers liscence with me…

In Ohio…
…kayaks and canoe need to be registered. Registration is good for 3 years. I keep 6 boats registered for an average cost of $5 per boat per year. These are straightforward user fees. Seems reasonable to me.

I’ve been paddling for 40 years in Ohio and am completely bewildered by rroberts statements: “Ohio hates hand paddlers and wants to drive us out. And I’m considered to be a moderate on the issue.” Moderate? I’d call it downright paranoid… Ohio HATES you? Spooky…

Is it required in Florida?

At the Mountain Island Challange…
(5 mile race) last month here in FREE NC there were three guys from Ohio and I was quite surprised to see all those registration numbers on their yaks.

I was wondering where some one with a little rec yak would fit them all!



No, no, no!
Not in Va, NC, SC, Georgia or Florida.

Once you hit the sunny south your are free to paddle free!