How to add a hatch?

How do you add a hatch? My new rec kayak (Riot Stealth) has a place for a bow hatch, but no actual hatch. I guess you have to cut out the plastic (with what tool?) and maybe insert a storage container of some kind, or add a hatch cover… I have no clue.

I’ve heard it’s easy, just don’t know where to start.

If the recessed area is level…
You could add something like this without too much trouble… sort of a day hatch. I have one and love it for keys and wallet…

Consider other options first
Adding a hatch may be more trouble than its worth. It may be a trick to rig a hatch cover that doesn’t leak on that boat. Plus it doesn’t have a forward bulkhead anyway – and you’d have to solve that issue as well.

What about using one or two small dry bags that can be shoved forward from the cockpit area? Or you might consider an underdeck bag such as those available from

That is pretty close to what I was thinking of. Just want a small, dry place to put stuff my registration paperwork (in case the ODNR stops me) or a sandwich… whatever. I like the one that’s on my Tarpon 100 a lot.

Only difference is, I don’t want the drawstring, just a self-contained waterproof unit. But this is close. Will peruse the website further…


Float/dry bags instead?
I would guess that there is not a forward bulkhead in this boat? If there isn’t, you need to put floatation bags in front anyway. It may be a lot easier and in the end less traumatic to just get dry bags that are set up to double as floatation bags, use them for storage as well.

I forget who makes 'em, but there is at least one manufacturer out there that make bags intended to function well as both floatation and dry bags.

Okay, grayhawk
It looks like they have what I want. I think I want the twist-out type (not the screw-out type), right? Which kind do you have?

Did you use a reciprocating saw to cut the hole? What the heck is a reciprocating saw? This could be dangerous. LOL

two quick thoughts there
if you just want a unit to store things, why not just take waterbottle and glue it in, water proof, and you probably have one already.

The other is that I wouldn’t keep your registration in the compartment. I did, then my boat was stolen…from where i tied it in a river (to go a few miles to grab my pickup). It would have just been nice to have the papers to show the jag-off policeman som eof the information.


Like Celia suggested, Donna

I have the 5" twist out in one boat. The bag will lift out so you can take it with you if you stop for lunch.

I think they will incude instuctions, It’s a little power saw with a long thin blade that goes up and down (jig saw). Maybe practice first on a thin piece of wood.

I just bought a 4" screw out for the other boat but I think I like the twist out better…

Good Luck GH

Good suggestion, about
dry/floation/storage bags and if I really can’t implement my first choice (the hatch) I will definitely go that way.

But I don’t think floatation for the boat is going to be an issue. It has a sizeable foam pillar both front and back. My Necky Manitou had a similar foam pillar in the bow and it floated very nicely when I practiced self-rescue.

good point, never considered that
However, in Ohio, you’re technically supposed to have the registration with you. Most people don’t, though, and as long as the sticker is on the boat, they typically don’t hassle you. In light of your story, I think I’ll abandon that idea.

So I take it your boat was never recovered? That bites. :frowning:

(light bulb) Okay! I knew that… lol
Yes, I know what a jigsaw is. I even have one. Have never used it…

I went and examined the little hatch on my Tarpon and aside from the rubber cover, it looks very similar. I think that will work. Now just have to read the instructions carefully and make sure I don’t screw up and ruin the boat.

I also sent a note to Riot, to see if they have a better idea, although I like yours just fine.

Thanks, Greyhawk.

Displace water
Even if the boat floats, the more water you can displace the less pumping you’ll have to do. (And save the back of anyone who tries to assist you.) You’d probably like that aspect of having the float bags regardless of what you do about the hatch.

Under deck storage bag

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I checked out the kayak fit site and I LIKE that under deck storage bag. A tad expensive but I like it.

Grayhawk, I don't see where I can buy the Beckson stuff on their website (or am I being web-challenged here?). Did you get yours from a dealer?

Greyhawk…Good Find!
I’d been looking for something for the America (which has no hatch front or rear) now that I put foam bulkheads in. Thanks!!!

If your deck is not flat they make one/wbag with a camber for Hobie cat decks. You might search Hobie dealers.

cool boat
very nice boat !!! :slight_smile:

The Riot Stealth actually has a front hatch as an option. I’ve sold several of these kayaks in just the last few weeks and everyone I sold has front and rear hatches.

It only has a rear bulkhead though, not a front bulkhead. Adding a hatch should be easy however. Just contact Riot or your dealer and order the actual hatch cover and hardware from then. Cutting the opening should be pretty striaghtforward once you have the parts.

Cheers…Joe O’

Pamlico, thanks
We will see how it paddles tomorrow!

Thanks, Joe
Mine doesn’t have any bulkheads. Maybe it’s a prototype model? (I bought it new but it’s an '04 - dealer “leftover”).

I contacted Riot and hopefully will hear back from them next week. Meanwhile Celia and Cooldoctor will be happy to know I took an airbag out of my Prijon and put it in the stern hatch of the Stealth… just in case.