How to get used boats? What to buy?!?!!?

Where would I go to find a used boat? The new prices on glass (even plastic boats) is steep for me. I’m scanning craigs list and Ebay, but don’t want to miss anything.

I’m 5’ 10, 200 pound guy looking to buy my first kayak. Tried out about 30 boats in tacoma this w/e. I’ve paddled kayaks before a bit, but consider myself a beginner. I’m thinking of a 16-17.5 boat with a 22-24 inch beam. tracking and stability are important.

So, I liked the WS’s tempest 170, but P & H and Northwest also seems to have some boats that might work.

But it seems that there’s just about a million companies that make kayaks, so selection is very tough. But I certainly don’t want to miss the summer season didling around trying out boats.

Does anyone have a Tempest 170 or a P&H Capella? How 'bout a NW boat? How do you like them? Any where might I get them used? Thanks.

Some ideas

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A used glass boat is likely going to be $1500. So, it looks like you are looking at a used plastic boat.

If you are buying used, you either have to be patient or you have to look beyond your neighborhood. It would cost less than $100 to ship.

Some ideas from

(WI) 17 ft Perception Eclipse Sealion with rudder for sale. Includes Voyageur spray skirt, harmony duo-float, billage pump, and seaquel paddle. Only 4 years old and in excellent condition. Asking Price $750 -- Submitted by: tiggerrou

(AL) Current Designs Storm, 17'3" long, weight 67 lbs.rugged polypropelene, two storage compartments, retractable rudder,used 5 times $1050; Gear: Werner carbon paddle, life jacket, toting cart, bilge pump, nylon skirt. and much more, used 5 times,original cost $878 will sell for $575, call 334 826 5163 or email. -- Submitted by: richardhimmer

These are both good boats with good reputations. Since it appears you are in a position not to be choosy, I'd have no problem recommending either of them.

thanks, nj

Forget Ebay
Check your classifieds here, local papers, local boards ( Washington Kayak Club, OOPS, WAKE). You should have tons of options. I purchased a glass Nordkapp for $600 2 years ago. It was advertised here. Drove up to Seattle to get it.

Tacoma, have you done a search for “kayak” in the Seattle Craigslist? I was blown away by how many kayaks are in that just in the past few days. There’s 100 ads containing the word kayak in the Seattle craigslist just in the past 9 days. Granted, many of them are river boats, or otherwise unsuitable, but that’s more kayak ads than most NC craigslists see in a year.


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Good deal on the Nordkapp! How old was it?

It's pretty remarkable to get a glass boat for anywhere near that price.

Probably a 1990 model
but solid. Had to buy hatch covers, install a backband and pot in footpegs, but my favorite kayak. Sing even likes it.

20 craigslist entries.

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"There's 100 ads containing the word kayak"

Some of these are junk ads. Many of them are "wanted" ads. A good number of them are "sold".

There are only 20 that have "sea kayak".

Only one of these comes close to being a "hit" (the price is probably too high for him).

Single Sea Kayaks - used Tempest and Discover - $1299

The Seattle page alone
has the following boats right now:

May-24 Sea Kayak - NDK Romany LV - $2100 (Seattle) pic

May-24 Sea Kayak - Necky Chatham 16 in Carbon - $2400 (Kirkland) pic

May-22 Eddyline Falcon S18 - $1850 (Seattle) pic

May-22 Sea Kayak - Valley Nordkapp HSC - $1600 (Orcas Island)

May-21 VCP sea kayak, FG Skerray - $1850 (Olympia) pic

May-20 Single Sea Kayaks - used Tempest and Discover - $1299 (San Juan Island)

You might check out the Portland and Vancouver pages too.

What is your price range? You never said.

Probably, $200 more

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So, it probably cost you about $200 or more to get it right (ie, it's not a $600 boat).

Still, a great deal on a great boat! A friend of mine got an unused one (a few years old) for $1000! So, great deals are possible if you are lucky and patient.

(Probably, not one I'd recommend to the original poster.)

Price range.

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"The new prices on glass (even plastic boats) is steep for me."

A new plastic boat is $1400. So, it looks like his price range is much less than $1400.

That excludes most (probably, all) of the other craigslist entries. I saw them and he probably did too. (Though, it might be entertaining to see if he fits in a Romany LV.)

Both the entries I showed are great deals (assuming the boats and stuff are in reasonable shape).

used boats
Might want to scan your area for dealers that take trade-ins then resell them. Also, re: price, if you can hold out til end of season, you might be able to get some real bargains… I bought a used kayak last August from a local dealer. Very hit-or-miss, but if you tell them what you’re looking for, they might work with you. Good luck!

About $100 more
for outfitting but $200 for gas.

a tempest!
on san juan though. shoot. Cost a bunch to get over there, no? could always paddle back. on second though, mabe not :wink:

less expensive the better, but…
i don’t think this is possibel for less than 1.5k or so, unless you get a huge deal like mentioned above

thanks, missdarcy n/m

There is a Pintail and Glider
in Oregon listed in Pnet classifieds now. Both are less than $1000.

Not too far to drive from Tacoma and pick up a kit without paying shipping. It’s one way to get a glass boat for less tham $1000. You gotta build it. But I’m about 3/4 of the way through my build, and its pretty easy and fun.

no garage–that’s the pygmy problem
bought a new house, but no garage unfortunately, only parking space outback, and no basement…otherwise i would consider a pygmy