How to size sprayskirt for SOF

If my SOF cockpit measures 18” x 25.5” outer dimensions, which sprayskirt cockpit measurement do you think would work best?

18” x 27” (Brooks)
17” x 26” (Reed)
17” x 27-29” (Snapdragon)

All new old stock neoprene. I guess the proof is in actually putting it on, but… mail. So I’m trying to make the best guess. Thanks!

My experience with my SOF is that a neoprene skirt can’t grab enough of the narrow lip structure on most SOF coamings to stay in place if it has to stretch a lot. So I would advise forgetting about one that is 17" in width because it is going to pop off an 18" coaming too readily. Of course this also depends on how the manufacturer is making the measurement.

The Brooks being 1.5 inches longer may also be a problem IF this an all neoprene skirt with a rand. Rands don’t work well on my SOF. But if the Brooks is a bungee tunnel type rather than rand it can be tightened.

I have found that outfitters are pretty generous with return policies on skirts due to the fit issues. I even had one send me 3 different models and sizes with a return authorization label that enabled me to return any or all that did not fit for full refund (I only had to pay about $11 to ship back the two that did not fit.)

I wish there could be some agreement on standardization of coamings in the industry, if only for each company to use the same method to clarify the full range of fit. I would say half the skirts I have bought in 20 years did not fit the intended boat(s) and had to be returned or resold. And the measurement standards within each company are wonky. Some give a range of fits from minimum to maximum in both dimensions and other just state one size. And even the well respected Seals gives some sizes for models that would require the strength of The Hulk to get them over the coaming lip.

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Thanks. That’s helpful but discouraging! :wink:

Snapdragon has gone out of business and might be in short supply. I’ve always been happy with Seals and recently replaced a Snapdragon sprayskirt with one.

If you have a stocking dealer nearby, I would stop by and try several skirts. If not, as you indicated, contact Seals with your measurements such as maximum length and width, and maybe widths at measurements at intervals along the length, possibly quarters. Measure the total circumference as well.

Seals manufactures a number of sizes and material options and they should be able to point you to one that will work. If you don’t want Seals, you can use their size suggestion to shop for a different manufacturer.

Another option is to make your own sprayskirt. There are websites that cover this. One of the members of our Club has led an in person workshop every year or two on making a sprayskirt that has proved very popular. Like a Greenland paddle, it is inexpensive, not too difficult, and custom sized to your boat.

I can recommend Immersion Research, their skirts are good quality, sizing is based on cockpit circumference, not width x length, which I think is more sensible. I think I bought the shockwave bungee skirt for a QCC and I’ve been happy with it.

How To Choose a Kayak Spray Skirt | Immersion Research – Immersion Research

What size skirt (waist) do you wear? I have a small SnapDragon ocean cockpit skirt that I used for my two SOFs (one I sold and the other frame sits unskinned in my yard).


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You might also consider reaching out to Cape Falcon Kayak. That’s where I bought my sprayskirt and cockpit cover for my Arctic Hawk.

A circle will not fit a pointed oval to well in my opinion. Cockpit 35" x 17" like my Solstice Titan would probably not fair good with a round pattern or pattern measured from circumference.

Thanks, I should’ve mentioned I need the skirt quickly so I can attend Delmarva with one that fits my SOF. So making one or getting a special order one won’t work for me.

Not much is in stock these days, but I can get any of the ones I mentioned shipped to me soon, so trying to decide.

My waist is 27” and my belly area around 31-32” depending on what I had for lunch. And thanks for even thinking of this!

If interested, you can try it and have a point of reference. I’ll have to see if I can locate in one of the bins in my storage shed.


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Have you looked at Reed Chillcheater skirts? Their greater flexibility might adapt to cockpit shape better. You can adjust tension of shockcorded rand. And they work well to keep water on the outside.

Thanks so much. :blush:

Yes, thanks, one of the skirts I’m considering is a Reed.

Ok, found the SnapDragon ocean cockpit skirt in my shed. (Wow, teeny compared to my skirt for the Sterling). PM me your shipping address. I’ll shipped it for you to try/use for a bit.



Ok I am not of the inside crown I guess, ------ so I’ll just ask:

What’s SOF?

Skin on frame :scream: now your IN! :laughing:

If the cockpit is an unusual shape, considering getting a custom one from Seals.

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Sorry about that! I’ve done a lot of puzzling over various kayaking terms myself. Like I remember wondering what the heck are “pogies”??? And now I have two pairs. :joy: