Hullavator cradle concern

I have a Seaward Chinook touring kayak - about 18’ long and 24” wide. Just bought the Thule hullavator for solo loading and thinking it will work out BUT the weird humpy-bottomed cradles on the hullavator are dimpling the bottom of the kayak, which is quite flat and seemingly quite flexy. It is not strapped too tightly - it is the weight of the boat sitting on those bumps causing the dents. When I lift the kayak, the dents go away but it doesn’t feel right driving around with them like that. Has anyone run into this? Is it a worry? Possible work-arounds? It is hard to see in the pics. Thx!!

Not something l worry about, or the black marks. But if it bothers you, people have used minicell foam or similar to pad them more flat.

Carried boats on those for four years with no appreciable damage. This year I had some mini cell foam left from seats and thigh braces and contact cemented it to the racks.

I also find that to be a lousy part of the design. What I do is move the cradles closer together so that my kayak is held up higher by the sides of the kayak against the cradles, instead of being held against those 2 points underneath.

I would add some more padding. Repeatedly flexing gelcoat is not a great thing, especially with a light layup.

Yes it’s a terrible design and with wind stress and vibration it will damage your kayak.

I intervened early and made Oak boards padding on them. I used a yoga mat that I purchased for 14 to cut up to make the padding

:scream::flushed: I wouldn’t like that.

Just had the same thing happen on a 14 day camping trip. We day paddled for 12 days. Got home and noticed dimples. We had added cushioning in the past. The padding got squished but now has sprung back up. It’s been 3 full days since we are back and the dimples are not going away. I wish these Thule pads were flat and not pointed. These are Stellar Touring Sea Kayaks with the lightweight honeycomb type material.