Humorous Craigslist Ads

I just listed a Seaward Luna kayak for sale on Craig’s List (and also here on While my ad is hopefully not too humorous, the well known attempts to scam me are. Here are a couple of inquiries received through the Craig’s List email relay and via text to my Google Voice phone number (I don’t use my real phone number on Craig’s List). As we all know, you don’t want to reply to any of these. Just get a chuckle and then ignore them.

I actually just saw your post, that’s what I need. Is it still for sale? Let me know at this email address

I saw your ad. I want to buy it. Are you the first owner of it ? I don’t check cl mail , so email me

Sound good,would you accept check as payment then after the check has been cashed my mover will come for pick up.


Do I need an attorney for those persecution kayaks?



Stopped by a yardsale that had a 16’ rotomold kayak sitting out front. Tagged at $125, which might have been optimistic given that it looked like the boat had literally been sawed in half and then decently rejoined/repaired.

I didn’t ask. Didn’t want to know. Yikes.

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I had an friend that took warrantee replaced kayaks that had been sawn in half and welded them back together. Lml that’s likely a rebuilt kayak.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. It did not look like an amateur job…actually pretty well done, but I wanted nothing to do with it. :slight_smile:

Classic plywood technique. Likely real heavy and not very easy to turn with lack of rocker and a flat bottom. Might do better with oars and a reverse seat.


I have to admit to that being my ad. Yep. I placed it. I’m the maniac responsible


I don’t “need” this, but…

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Still not sold. Maybe I should have demanded PBR.

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Too bad you are so far away. I’ve got a fridge full of IPA’s (and a few Sierra Nevadas) left over from a party 6 weeks ago. Not a fan of IPAs myself (more of a nut brown ale and porter gal) so they will languish until I can have another get together (with friends that are not so teetotaler-ish.)

Then again, I have been trying to redistribute my own hoard of kayak and canoe miscellanea so I don’t need any more…

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