hydration packs

thought i heard of a pfd with a pocket for a hydration bladdder. Does anyone know if there is one & has anyone used one ?

Lotus and others make a pfd pack
palm makes a pfd with a hydrations pocket (or used to). I have used the lotus eft pack and I like it. For racing you might one tht goes on a deck or on the floor of the boat. Platypus makes a pfd pack that works fine.

I like a 3qt plat hooked to overton pfd that unzips so is belted across bottom. Or hook the bottom of water bag unto rear deck with hose on bottom of boat so water runs into tude with no kinks. This lowers center of grav. Rear deck bungees will squeeze water up to you if bag is on back deck. I made a flatwater pfd hydration system with a 2in by 8in by 12 in piece of white ethafoam in back pack with 3 qt water bag in there also. Water tube is stiffened with with aluminum wire that is 2 ft long because of kinks in hose. Make sure you rinse out well after each use or at least blow it out. Do not get tangled and practice wet exit with water tube.

How do you
keep the mouthpiece from getting contaminated? I have a Camelbak I use for cycling, and was thinking of bringing it kayaking some time. But I don’t want the crud water I paddle in getting in my mouth.

If the bladder is attached
to the pfd back, and you run the tube under your arm and attach it to the front of your pfd (with a clip, or as I do by running it through a pocket buckle) it shouldn’t be in contact with the water.

but I’m a sloppy paddler :slight_smile:

I guess if you wanted to roll all bets are off.

rolling with hydration pack
I use an hydration pack over my PFD as was mentioned previously. I have it clipped to my PFD. My hydration pack has a cover for the part that touches my mouth. I roll all the time and don’t think twice about taking a sip after opening the cover.

astral has some
that a 1/2 l bladder slips into the back…no accessory baggage…

but i swear by the lotus EFT pack-more storage for a dump kit…

Camelback makes an accessory
cover for the bite valve. It is nearly watertight, so it should greatly reduce the possibility of contamination.


an hydration pack?!
this is a historic day

or maybe
an historic day

Peak UK
I paddled with a guy over Labor Day weekend who had a Peak UK vest that had a pocket sewn in the back for hydration. I didn’t ask him about it but it looks like he’s had it for a few years ago.

I use the Lotus hydration pack, works very well.

Thanks all; got in touch with the lotus manufacturer & they no longer make the EFT pack. Too bad it sounded like just the right thing & I have a Lotus PFD. Will try one of the others.

I might have to check that out!


pfd hydration
I have a well cared for XL Kokatat Outfit Tour PFD with Tributary Hydration System. Both mango (yellow). 4 m/o, used 6 times, never submerged. Very nice condition, great PFD. Hits the seatback of my 138 so it’s been replaced with a Lotus Deepwater. I replaced the bladder with a Camelbak 50 oz because it’s nicer. Asking $130 shipped for the combo. Happy to answer questions or send pictures.

NRS makes a reasonable
hydration after market pack for all pfd’s. well made, not too expensive.

I have one on my Kokatat. I think it fits most (if not all) Kokatat PFD’s.


Camelbak Mouthpiece Cover
Yep, found one at the bike shop the other day for around 6 bucks. Just gotta install it now.


a platypus option
Platypus makes one for the deck but I got tired of keeping track of it (the tube always and the whole system in conditions)… so I used extra rope to tie it at 4 points to my PFD. Aside from the moment when I’m putting it on (I feel like a gangsta with too much heat in my coat pockets), I’m not at all aware of the weight and the tube is always exactly where I want it. It’s initally expensive but seems well made should fit any PFD with the right rigging.



This is the one I use…