I am going to vent and pout a little

Woke up this morning and saw a newer Dagger Stratos 14.5L for sale online for $400 and it was 30 minutes away aaaannnnnd I was too late :sob: The add was up for less than 20 minutes at 6 a.m. and I was still too late. Arrgh so frustrating. lol. I got a quote for a new one that I could get in two weeks but it is over $2100 so that isn’t happening. (for now).
I can’t believe I didn’t get this boat. What a missed deal.

Thank you. I feel a little better now.


sometimes you’re the one who got up, saw it, got out and got it before others even read the ad.
Sometimes not.

Sorry it didn’t work out, Oldboo.


Bummer! I have this boat and love it…

Maybe the seller changed their mind if it makes you feel better.

That is frustrating. And it is a tough year to find any particular boat. You have every reason to feel so.

I wish. he messaged me back at 3 saying it was sold.

Good ones like that are rare. I could make a navy from all the Pelicans for sale or from the expensive, used sea kayaks that keep popping up.


I have been looking for one used for some time. I really like them.

I looked for a Current Designs Libra XT tandem 22’ for 4 plus years. All very far away from NY. They were in Canada Montana. Found one for 2500 near me on Long Island. Ok going to look at it but faded and it was red. They call the next day they changed there mind. The pictures they posted it was buried in dust in basement. I about gave up. Two days later I said I’ll look one more time. Bingo Yellow one shiny better shape 900 and 4 hour drive each way. I looked for CD Expedition for 7+ years found that too. Keep on looking. I have the sites I’m searching on my phone screen so I just click on them even multiple times a day.

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I see many different boats that have been sitting unused for sale but people here (like everywhere I am sure) are using covid as an excuse to ask almost new or above new prices. I think that is why the $400 tag was so attractive…was even thinking scam at first.
Up until a week ago we couldn’t leave our own province so road trips for kayak hunting were out of the question. Things are relaxing now so I can broaden my searches.
I am also anticipating a large recreational product dump here soon when people begin realizing they are not using their gear as much as they hoped.

Getting a great deal on one of the marketplace type outlets (Craig’s List, Facebook Marketplace, etc.) is always hit and miss, so don’t feel bad. I think what often happens is that sellers see their messages or emails with most recent first. So you may be the first to inquire, but the first message that the seller sees when they check their phone/email is from the last person to inquire. I expect that many sellers would never think to give priority to the messages sent earlier.

So your best shot is if you just happen to be the last person to inquire before the seller checks their phone or email. Kind of like getting lucky in the lottery.

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I am guessing that is what he did. Can’t imagine there were that many people up looking at 6 a.m…lol. I actually just placed a wanted add so hopefully someone will come to me with one.

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Kayaks, especially good kayaks are a hot commodity.

Back in the spring I posted our Necky Looksha Sport for sale just before going to bed. By the time I got up I had multiple enquiries and had money in my pocket by noon.

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$2100 for new one!?!

You never know the guy that got it may have been looking for one for 2 or more years or he could be a boat flipper and you will see it in a week or two cleaned up and asking twice the price.

My brother in law has been looking for a 10’ Jon boat for a year and has a new one on order that has been backordered for a year. I have found him 10 nice 12’ Jon boats quite good prices but only he knows why he wants one or why a 12’ is no good. I gave up looking for him.

It is very hard to have an exact thing in mind and then find that in the used market. Sorry to here you got close. Keep watching it might just pop back up.

In my neck if the world they are $1900 plus tax.

Oh my! I think I opened a can of stupid. I have now got people asking me if the kayak I am “looking for” is still available. :rofl:

Oh my…
Then there was the guy who only figured out ten minutes before got in the car that a WW paddle I was selling was NOT in North Carolina. Always wondered how far he would have gotten if he had left his driveway.

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