I hate it when that happens

I was on my way to one of my favorite fishings holes last weekend when I stopped at a quickie store to pick up some drinks for a day on the river. I was getting out of my car when a woman drove up in a convertible and jumped out and hurried into the store. I was about to enter as well when I noticed her car was beginning to roll backward towards the busy street. On impulse I jumped into her car and pulled on the emergency brake. Well about that time the woman noticied me in her car and came running out yelling that I’m trying to steal her car. I was horrified and tried to explain the situation to her. It took a while to convince her that I wasn’t stealing her car but eventually she seemed to believe me since i pointed out that my car was as nice as hers anyway. She never did thank me though.

You Know You Did Your Good Deed

Your’re in trouble
No good deed goes unpunished!

I’ll thank you
Thank you, good job!

I guess each of us would think the same until we were convinced that you were on the up and up.

You did give me my chuckle for the day though, so thanks for the chuckle and thanks for your trying to help.



I am still suspicious
Just by chance, did her car happen to have a better rack system than yours? Or, did she happen to have a carbon fiber paddle in the back seat?

Maybe she was lucky to turn around just when she did. (Incidentally, what kind of crazy women goes after her car when some guy is stealing it? What was she going to do; grab the kayak cradles and drag it back?)

Runaway car
The last reply made me chuckle. The runaway car was a convertible. I’m assuming the rack was on HIS car. Silly you!:>

the rack
the rack was on the woman not her car…

That’s messed up, I have folks try to pay me for just pulling their stuck cars out of the ditch or changing a tire for them, so you save this gal 1000snds of dollars in potential damages and she doesn’t even say thank you? Hmm what would the car hit if you had just let it roll?

woman + convertable =

most definitely would have hit another car. The parking area was on a fairly steep slope and the road below was very busy.

Somebody out there
doesn’t know it, but you probably saved them from a seriouse problem. Can’t imagine what might of happened if her car went out into wherever there were other cars.

Must have been a blonde (I’m being nice!!)

Not sure what I would have done after her lack of appreciation - - In my case, I’d be in real trouble since I don’t drive anything that nice.

crazy world
We live in a crazy world these days, where people are often justifiably suspicious of even the purest of motives.

About a month ago, I was driving and noticed that the car beside me had a tire that was in the process of shredding itself. I saw this too late, but saw the car get partially off the road, safely. Well, I found the next exit ramp and came back to help. The woman inside was on her cell phone, but I know she saw me pull beside her and get out. When I tapped on the window to ask if she had a jack, she just completely freaked out. She started yelling at me that she was going to call the cops, and I’d better not come any closer.

OK, I backed off and just told her that I’d change her tire if she had a spare and a jack. Or, I would just leave if she wanted me to. I stood there for what must’ve been a full minute while she processed the novel concept that just maybe I was there to help, not hurt.

Eventually, I got her tire changed, and bid her a nice day. She never did thank me. Instead, she just drove off mumbling about how she ought to get triple A. She definitely should. If for no other reason than to learn that the people they dispatch are often a whole lot scarier looking than myself.

No good deed…
…goes unpunished.

Had that experience once…
I was about to gas up my car. I went in to prepay when this sports car started rolling backwards towards the pumps. I dove in through the open driver’s window and my first sight is this 4 year old girl sitting in the passenger seat! I hoped she didn’t notice the nervousness in my voice when I told her “it’s okay, it’s okay” while yanking up on the emergency brake (no good) and then pushing in on the clutch with my left hand while trying to jam the stickshift into gear, any gear, with my right. What seemed to me was eternity was probably not more than three seconds but I managed to get it in gear, let out the clutch and the car lurched to a stop.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s mother (the driver) saw what was going on and thought I was trying to steal her car and her little girl, too. I was pulling my head out the window when I hear a woman screaming at the top of her lungs, “My car! He’s stealing my car!” and was turning around when I see a coke bottle attached to this woman’s arm heading for my face! A rancher’s wife I knew stopped her arm before the bottle made contact and yelled at her “This man just saved your daughter from a horrible death. You ought to be thanking him for saving her life!” She didnt believe it and still called the sheriff’s office to press charges of attempted auto theft and attempted kidnapping.

Well, I sat in a squad car until they got everything cleared up, even after I told the deputies what happened (I can’t find fault with them for doing their job). After they let me out of their car they praised me for my quick thinking (wasn’t no thinking about it. I did what I saw had to be done, especially with a child in the car.) Then I saw one of the deputies start to put the cuffs on the crying driver. I asked the one that let me out of his car what that deputy was arresting her for. He said, “Child endangerment, for leaving the child alone in a life-threatening situation, and attempted assault on you unless you don’t want to press charges.” I asked him, “Does it really have to come to this?” He said yes. I told him I think she’d been through enough and might’ve learned something from it. Besides, I had a daughter myself only two years older than her’s. I wouldn’t testify against a mother who truly thought she was defending her child. Meanwhile her daughter’s being traumatized by having to watch her mother being taken away. Would he please do something? He told me to wait there, had a pow-wow with the other deputies, then talked to her, then released her. As she was heading for her car, the deputy I was talking to asked her if she might have something to say to me, especially since I not only saved her car and her daughter’s life but also intervined on her behalf to keep her from being incarcerated on more than one felony charge. She just glared at me, got in her car and drove off! The deputy seemed more stunned by her reaction than I was. He told me I could still press charges. I said why ruin the the girl’s night all over again just because of the stupidity on her mother’s part. He asked if I was practicing for sainthood. My reply was no, it’s just my nature.

Have you reapd your good karma yet?

Holy cr_p!
Sounds like your experience was even more harrowing than mine. At the time I vowed I’d never put myself in that situation again but actually I know I could not sit back and let an accident unfold before my eyes if I had a chance to prevent it - and especially if a child were involved.

Different point of view.
You might have done that little girl a bigger favor having her mother arrested. If she was incapable of seeing you as being their combined saviour in this situation I wonder about what other bad decisions/judgement she is exercising in her life. Maybe an investigation from child services would have set her straight one way or the other.


She should never have left the little girl in the car in the first place.

I had a similiar experiance one…
This old lady locked her keys in her caddy and she asked me if I could help heras she was in a big hurry to meet her friends . This was in the days when locks were easy to pop with a coat hanger.

It took me a few tries but I got the door opened.

Then she started screaming at me that I had put a scratch by the lock and keep going on about it.

I just looked at her, pushed the lock down slammed the door and told her to call the wrecker guys and the nearest pay phone was across the 4 lane street.

The she had the gall to tell me the leat I could do was go an call one for her for what i did.

I said sure thing…as I made my left turn and went home

Car theft, kidnapping. Riiiight
You had a witness to report that you were head first into the car trying to stop it and the deputies still put you in the squad car? My thoughts were:

(1) You ain’t much in the way of a car thief.

(2) They ain’t much in the way of lawmen.

Good on ya’, though.