I made a mistake today

If you read here often ,you know we have Honey the Labradoodle. Sweet, athletic, and big. We’ve always thought she would be happier with a canine companion. My wife’s ruling was only another doodle would do.
Our son met some people who have a 5 week old litter of doodles.
A real man would never have handed the phone to his wife with the breeder on the line. 30 minutes later we had a puppy reserved. The runt of the litter. She will be ours in 3 weeks.
I’m claiming diminished capacity on my part caused by lack of paddling.



As mistakes go, this one deserves congratulations!


There are no mistakes, just happy accidents. And a most delightful one for you!

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That’s what she claimed before our 3rd child was born.

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LOL! every time you talked about it you said you wouldn’t! I didn’t really believe you though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now your challenge is to raise a really good boat dog. My dogs love all kinds of boats.

Honey loves boats that are big enough for her. She’s been out with Castoff a few times.

What’s that you say?
Now there’s 2 dogs in play?
As a stray ear might catch on the wind,

Some say old men are fools
to haul hulls full of drool,
we just cast them our look of chagrin.

Looks as though he’s gone to the dog pound again.


There was once a time when I thought I had made a mistake… but I was wrong. :disguised_face:


And you still need a dog.

My new wife just got a doodle to go along with my two Irish Wolfhounds. The IWs weigh about 165 each the doodle pup is a whole 6lbs. The male IW weighed 27lbs at 9 weeks old.


I hope Honey is as gentle with ours as your IW appears to be with the doodle.

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She is an Aussiedoodle.


And growing. Supposed to be here next Sunday.


When our last dog finally died I put my foot down. When mama would whine about wanting another dog I said, “I’m your dog, now. Worry and fret over MY health and happiness. My name is REX for God’s sake.”

She agreed but I’m supposed to jump up and down and show lots of affection when she comes back from the store or wherever. I try to remember.


Our friend’s dog Polly is an aussiedoodle too.

It looks like yours is due for an expensive haircut (at those prices I think they call it grooming).

And if Polly is any indicator I’d worry more for Honey than the new pup.

Were you difficult to house train? I can hear it now. " Down Rex, Down! Bad boy!" Did she have you neutered?

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I can barely get by with three.

and, “Ahhh, Rex! Not the or-eee-entalllll!”

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Naw, she was spayed a long time ago.
Or as they say in the sticks, spaded.