I need some pogies!

I need the best pogie man has made. Can anyone point me to some fine etailers (websites) where I can find some of the best pogies at the best prices? Please also tell me why these pogies are the best pogies made and how they beat their competitors.

thank you all!

They do the job.

Try these
you can get them for canoe paddles, or kayak paddles.


I use the Bomber Gear (out of business) Spider Mitts which I really like because the sleeves are longer and they shed water really well. Plus the neoprene hand section is really warm in the coldest of conditions.

With that said, since Bomber Gear is no longer around, I’d go with those Mountain Surf toaster mitts posted above. Mountain Surf is an amazing company and their pogies are highly regarded.


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I use Yellow jackets...they can be rolled on the shaft when not in use and are warm eniugh for me...also have black mambas, but their too warm. for me. My hands sweat in them,even when the ice is coating my boat. and I can't get them out of the way as easy as the yellowjackets if I just want them handy, but not on.


Please don’t be spreading FUD
Bomber Gear is alive and kicking and will continue to make awesome gear.

Here’s the link

Which way?
Neoprene? Greenland Pogies by Wildwasser

Fabric? Yellow Jacks as mentioned above or Kokatat Paddle Mits (Tropos fabric & pile lined)

Depends on your tastes.

See you on the water,



what’s FUD?
Although I don’t see a link, http://www.bombergear.com/ references their new “2004 Products” which I think seems a couple years behind the times.

There was discussion regarding an ex bomber gear employee restarting the brand but that was the last I heard.

If Bomber Gear really is back in business, will they honor all the warranty issues that people have? Not including all the people on Boatertalk, someone here on P-net recently posted that they sent in a drysuit for repairs to Bomber Gear and never heard back from them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bomber Gear products when they were in their prime, but all indicators seem to point to a failed business. If you have more recent news, I’d be all ears.

Snap dragon claims theirs are best
and some have agreed so i’ve read.

Neoprene or other?
Neoprene pogies are common. Waterproof shell lined with fleece are much harder to find. That’s what I wanted, and got–Kokatat makes them. Bought mine from REI (special order in Denver but probably in stock at coastal REI stores).

They dry faster and don’t stink. Also feel better on the hands. I think they cost $40.

only seen
I’ve only seen neoprene pogies in the shops around me. They don’t have a very good selection. I just want the best, regardless of material.

Second Snapdragon…
I use them for my OC paddling…Mambas by NRS for my kayaks. Both are neo and very well made and warm. Going on 3 years of heavy use (weekly through the winter months) in everything from lake to class III with no problems.

the problem with neo pogies
is that they are heavy. light fabric ones work just as well in my experience and are much more comfortable and warm. mine are a an odd pair made of a sandwich of nylon and some very thin foam which are from Poland. purchased through the local canoe/kayak race club. very weird label and they are the best i’ve tried. racer shops would likley have this type as does Kokatat.

i think the Snap Dragon ones i was thinking of are not neoprene but hypalon, thin and don’t pick up water.

can someone
post a link to these fabric pogies?

The danger with pogies …
IMO pogies can give you a false sense of security. Sure, they are warm, but in a capsize your hands will come out and they will be exposed to the elements. I wear gloves such as hydroskins or warmer as a minimum and then use Stohlquist Yellow Jacks for extra warmth, but I do not use them alone in cold waters.


Bomber Gear
Their backbands suddenly became hugely available on the web via EBay (we got a couple), I haven’t seen new gear in a paddle store in a while and their web site is two years out of date. If Bomber Gear isn’t fading out of business, they are doing a good job of faking it.

According to my dictionary …
FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, And Doubt

A search of the Thomas Register (http://www.thomasnet.com/) does not reveal the existence of Bomber Gear, Inc. of Durrango, CO., so I must believe they are still out of business.



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hyper hands from SD.

there are other good fabric ones though..


So are most people saying that fabric is better than neoprene?

Are they truly waterproof? I have Snapdragon pogies (neoprene) and while they do a good job keeping my hands warm in 20F temps, they don’t keep them dry. Water leaks in around the paddle shaft and through the velcro closure when they inadvertantly get dipped into the water.