Ice Out in the Adirondacks

Anyone have any idea as to when this happens normally, and when it might be likely to happen this year. A number of years we went out with every confidence in the third week of April, and found ourselves literally walking on water. Had a great time along the Raquette River anyways.

thats probably too early
I have floated the Oswegatchie in mid May. Its been a few years since I kept track of ice out date but I remember going to Stillwater Reservoir in May and found it still socked in.

I think mid April will be too early; there is alot of ice this year but it also depends on if it rains alot when the weather warms…that can flush (read flood) the rivers right out.

Answer is its too early to tell.

Lake LIla
Thinking of Lila last week in April. Anyone know about the road opening likelihood? I would appreciate it closer to time if someone there would let us know how it is looking.

Early May
I’ve been up the same weekend as the Paddlefest, second weekend in May? There seems to be a small, two week window of opportunity between ice out and black flies in.

Ice Out - Water In
I agree… There always seems to be a short window of opportunity lasting a week or two(I call it a grace period). But you never know when it will happen until it happens! In any case, don’t plan any extended trips until May.


Ok, I understand, but we are committed. As I mentioned earlier, we once bailed out on the Raquette River, near Axton, and had a great week (12 inches of snow the first night). Anyone know of other really nice bailout spots in case the lakes are still iced over?

Based on the thickness of ice at Raquette lake and Blue Mountain Lake, I am informally guessing that ice out will be June 30th. The good news is that from ice to heat will occur so rapidly that there will not be a black fly season this year!


Bad News Good News
That was very helpful information, full of good and bad news and I am grateful for the smile you gave me. Truly, as time grows near, we will be worried about conditions. Also, if anyone has any favorite bail out spots in lieu of the manifest presence of ice, I would welcome suggestions. Thank you so much.

Lila and Ice
You should give the DEC in Ray Brook a call concerning the road to Lila. Also, I think bigger water bodies thaw faster if we have warm winds. Something will be open.


Good Idea
I have arived early enough to find open water, but closed roads. For Lake lila early, bring a good saw and a tow strap. There may be wood on the road.

Thanks for the suggestion. Does anyone know of an e-mail address that I could write so I can catch them when it is convenient for them? Also, we are pretty committed to this week, and are welcoming other suggestions of great bail out sites. As I think I said earlier, one year we had to bail out and had a great time on the Raquette near Axton.

i can let ya
know for southern egde of adk park there are others hear from northern end just ask


Phone Numbers
Here’s general information and phone numbers, but I’m afraid you won’t find email addresses.


Thank you all so much, for the info and the suggestions. I will look forward to hearing if anyone up there hears the crack of ice out, breaking out all over canoe country.

1st trip of spring
For years I have planned my 1st trip of the season on the 1st weekend of May on the Saranacs and have had good luck launching at Lake Flower in Saranac lake village and going up the river into the locks and up into the lakes. Can be real cold nights for camping but the fishing is great in some of the trout water ponds you can wall into. Although I have found some still froze over some years but always find a brook to fish. The smaller lakes n ponds can take awhile longer for ice out. Many a year I have driven by the Cascade Lakes to see them still froze over and found the saranacs open. I’ll be there this year and will post the trip.

Thank you
Thank you for that thought and the information. We started out 26 years ago going from Raquette Lake to the Saranacs (but in the summertime), and one thought we had was perhaps to put in at Long Lake and paddle down past Axton on the Raquette. Our experience is that the rivers ice out before the Lakes.

From Long Lake to Axton’S Landing would be a little too exciting for me with the high spring water, some fast water there even in summer! I have been there in early May but went from Long Lake into the cut off and up Cold River. You can’t go up Cold River very far but there is a nice leanto up there to camp over in. And Long lake is nice to explore but it can be very rough in windy conditions. In my 40 plus years paddling these lakes the biggest waves I have encountered were on Long Lake! A nice spring trip is from Axton down to the state launch site on Raquette off rt 3. There are some side brooks to explore and 2 lean tos to stay in just before you get to the state launch site. Or you can go on down river and on into Tupper Lake. There is a oxbow and whirll around in that section

that can confuse you as to where the main channel is. You should research that section before trying it because high water make everthing look a little different. For spring I like calm water and sunshine!! Got out my kayak today and am cleaning it up for May!!!

Swung past a few lakes yesterday
along Rt 28 on my way home.Looks like about two weeks to go yet.You can get on the rivers now in many places.Just be sure you dress for possible imersion.

Cold River
We were thinking that Long Lake might clear out of ice before other lakes, and hadn’t really thought about that Leanto at Cold River. We’ve heard about it, but never been to it. You say it’s a nice spot? Also hadn’t thought about the wind and waves of Long Lake. We have done that in the summer, and I would agree with you about the wind strength. Well, we are a little over three weeks to go, and still not sure about Lila. Perhaps we’ll just do Little Tupper, Rock, and some of the other ponds and take out back at LTL.

Took a ride around the “horn” today. When up north by Blue Mt Lake…still froze, Long Lake…lower end is out but rest is still frozen, Tupper Lake is froze except for a bay here n there, Second Pond by Lower Saranac is about half out thanks to the river current, Lake Flower in Saranac village is half out so if the weather holds it won’t be long. Had lunch in Lake Placid outside at picnic table…warm sunny day!! The cascade ponds r froze solid…not much sun in that valley. Chapel pond is froze solid also. Schroon Lake is starting to thaw around the edges. And my home lake…Lake George is starting…we need a warm rain to keep things thawing. Get you boats ready along with your long johns if your campin out!!!