If your next kayak was free what would it be?

Curious you get to pick a new kayak what would it be? Thanks!

A canoe! Maybe a Shacho or a Rival from Millbrook

(Sorry - can’t teach and old dog new tricks)

I’ve never paddled one but based on looks alone it would be the Shrike. Is this not beautiful? If I was a single man I’m pretty sure I could use it to pick up young women. You know… fifty year olds.


I might just have to build one.

I’ll stick with my Mariner Express. Eventually a wooden kayak would be nice, usable as a funeral pyre.

I think I’d love having a Coho (Pygmy kayaks), though I would not turn down any of their wooden kayaks.

I guess a person can’t have too much of a great thing, so I would have Doug build me another NC Expedition to match the one I have.

I’d pick a very, very expensive one, and immediately put it up for sale.
When it sold I’d buy a Hemlock SRT.


Without question…Sterling Progression with carbon layup.


Rockpool’s Alaw or their Alaw Bach. They have killer customizable grfx.

As long as it’s free, I’d take this matched set. I’d even pay for one if I had to - these boats are just so pretty:


Of course, I’ll need an Adirondack great camp on a lake to go with them…

Tough call. I would like a few different ones. A Tiderace Pace Tour 17 would be nice but so would a Carbon/kevlar Valley Etain 17.5 with custom front bulkhead so no need for foot pegs. A Shrike would be cool BUT it has to be built, no time or space to build it myself.

Mariner Coaster

Probably a Stellar S18 Touring in the 35 pound Ultra carbon fiber/Nomex layup. I agree that the Shrike is beautiful and would probably be my first choice if I didn’t already have a West Greenland SOF pretty close to that design, dimensions and weight.

Either a Guillemot Petrel, or a Thomasson Design Isfjord

An Anas Acuta please.

I have no idea other than a fast LV kayak 15 to 16’, 21" beam, a well outfitted keyhole cockpit with Sea-lect foot braces, hard chines, tracks straight yet turns quickly, and weighs less than 40#. Probably doesn’t exist.

Probably a Little Wing 14 or an Epic GPX. Or, if it fits within your definition of kayak, a Placid Shadow.

I need another kayak like I need a hole in my head, but have been thinking about getting away from traditional sea kayaks, and getting a fast open water boat for touring and or day paddles. The Stellar S18 touring looks pretty sweet, never paddled one but it looks like fun, and I wouldn’t mind getting a light strong layup as well. ahttp://www.stellarkayaksusa.com/product-touring.php?id=12
I’ve also been on the fence about getting a new surf kayak, the one I’m down to is pretty beat up and the outfitting sucks, could get a new boat with rock solid layup that’s about 15lbs! Wouldn’t mind grabbing that for a quick hour long workout paddle, even if the waves suck, pretty good exercise just paddling even on flatwater.

We have a local Stellar dealer here near Pittsburgh and they had an open house, demo day and barbecue at their shop right on the Yough River a couple of months ago. We got to check out the models – they had examples of all the Stellars in the shop and out in the yard for testing (though not in every lay-up). Really beautiful, well finished and nicely outfitted boats, sleek in the water and incredibly light. I honestly don’t “need” another kayak either (just trimmed the fleet to 5 recently). But the Stellars are real objects of desire. A free one? Heck, yeah! If only…

I’d give a pack canoe a try. Swift Keewaydin 14 or a PBW rapid-fire.