I'll take SOLSTICE GT HV for 100!

I couldn’t resist the project to restore. Kind of like a hobby.


I just missed, was hoping for a winter project

Looks pretty good from what’s visible. What’s it going to need?

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Always feels good saving a good ol’ boat from death.
I’ve got two waiting for me to find the time.
Probably hang in the shed til I retire but they won’t rot away waiting!

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Looks like a worthwhile project!

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Needs cleaning to survey my work list. :scream:. Needs all hardware reinstalled, paint removed off top and bottom, repainted, glass repair on hull in front of seat, right side by seam at cockpit needs little glass work, needs a lot of free labor.

The hull use to be red. It’s been sitting for 11 years I was told owner was going to restore it. So he stripped everything off and painted it. Rattle canned it I think for paint. Then poor guy died. Guy I bought it from got it as payment for a clean out he said. Have to inventory the parts. Hatches and gaskets are good. Compass is good scratch or two but not bad. Good thing is it’s a wide base seat so I don’t have to convert it like my other CD hulls.

He got paint in the rudder pin hole so that needs attention. Rudder I think was painted so it needs redone. New cables & Sea-lect pedals to install. Post more later of damage. Picked it up at dawn this morning and with the dirt harder to see what’s what.

My Sawyer Loon needs a complete refinish.

I bought some of this. It’s a brush-able gelcoat.

[Gelcoat, White, Brushable, 81-112350, Quart - 134054]

I thought it might be a better option than paint. I don’t have the equipment to spray and really want to gelcoat. I do have some experience brushing and tipping off paint before so this brush-able gelcoat seemed like it might be a good product to try.

Gelcoat is a bit tougher/more durable that paint.

Sorry, haven’t used it yet so no actual experience with it…

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I have interlux Perfection Top Coat two part top and bottom on an Extreme for 11+ years. Slight fade on yellow but still shinny as hell top and bottom.

PaddleDog52 - In that first photo of the stern, it looks like a sort double-stacked deck seam. I haven’t seen that before. Is that just a consequence of it being an HV model and that’s how they get the extra deck height?

I couldn’t take on a project that extensive. Inadequate garage space at my year-round house and while my summer location has the space in a barn, summer is for paddling, not fixing. But it looks like it will be a fun project given enough space and time. Have fun!

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That is a PROJECT!


Yes 2003 use to be red deck.

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Yes HV has a flat spot 3/4" higher when the trim the hull in the mold. I have to look and measure it. Looks like it’s flat top of hull and deck. It’s seems HUGE!

Straps are all there for the hatches.

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Cool project. Always a fan of breathing new life into old boats. There’s a lot to be said for for building on existing mojo


No clue how the guy unbolted the bow eye?

Long way to reach from front hatch . Guess I’ll try a nut on end of a stick.

Originally red.

Maybe something like this to hold the nuts? The taper might be an issue.


Probably try a rod with box wrench taped on it and nut with dab of rubber cement. Washer on the top of the nut.

CD should have an insert glassed it so you can just remove and reinstall easy. But everything is time and money.

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What you get for 100 bucks :joy: Had to cut the hull because the guy patched it and I couldn’t get the bump out of hull by the seam.

What you get for 100 dollars

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It’s a Current Designs Solstice Titan HV. It’s HUGE. Cockpit opening is longer at 35” vs 31.5” for a regular Solstice.

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Those Solstice Titan HV make my Solstice GTHV look small in comparison.

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