Impex OI pictures different

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I suppose I can't help noticing this, because CD's pictures of the Caribou are somewhat distorted as to where the cockpit really is, but the new OI pictures on the Impex site are just strange. The side view and top views show wildly differing locations for most all the major deck features. Why is that? I wonder which one (if either) is correct. The side view puts the paddler quite a bit further aft than the top view.

The aft location seems closer to the original wood design, maybe.


me thinks the side veiw( the one on top) is further to the right. look at the ends. they don’t line up.

I had the OI out a couple nights ago and it behaved nicely. fast, low, sleek.


Three dimensions vs. two

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You are comparing oblique, full side, and full birdseye views. While it makes sense to compare locations of objects in the latter two because they are two-dimensional views, trying to line things up with the oblique view does not work well. The oblique view is, in effect, a compression of three dimensions. Object sizes and shapes become distorted.

Compare a world globe and a flat map of the world--make that *several* maps of the world, as even the shapes and relative sizes of land masses shown on 2D maps vary from each other.

Another thing to keep in mind is that focal lengths of camera lenses can change the perception of object sizes, shapes, and distances from each other. The shorter the focal length, the greater this effect.

Let's not forget that a tiny amount of digital distortion after the photo was taken can also mess up proportions. Remember the infamous Kajaksport photo ad thread? (The kayak shown in the ad was ridiculously narrow and had obviously been squeezed horizontally via Photoshop or similar software.)

one eye,two different photos

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don't read that much into pictures, they look like two different size photos and one may not be exactly at the same angle as the other,when I bought a CLC Patuxent kit 10yrs ago I thought the bow was bigger than it turned out to be, was I surprised when it buried to the coaming in 18" waves,the product descriptions said it has 'high volume'......the photo was simply taken from an angle at the bow that exageratted it's size because of perspective. Look at some family photo taken at floor level with the subjects feet closer to the lens,,they'll look much bigger than the rest of the body.
That's probably what's going on with that photo,,,one picture could be taken with a different focal length/distance/angle and it's enough to cause an apparent mismatch if you assume the camera was simply moved 90degrees from a floor to ceiling perspectiv.
Sounds like you're looking for something.
The perspective that matters is the one like Steves,,,what happens on the water.

I don’t know what oblique view
you are talking about, I was only comparing the top to the side view. They are at least a half-foot off in the center two quarters of the boat.

And yes, side view is shifted a tiny bit right at the front tip, but the stern is not, which is just a minor overall picture scaling difference. It is not enough to explain everything else. Get a ruler and check, you’ll see.


Good point, looking at the overhead

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shot the front half seems to sort of bend away from the camera. Perhaps it was taken with a very distortion-prone wide-angle lens (low ceiling?) and they didn't have it really centered in the field of view.

One good clue to that is the front "round" hatch really looks rather oval in that picture.

I agree, how it performs on the water is the important thing, which was why I asked the question in the first place, were they perhaps diddling with the design. The rearward cockpit placement in the sideview would seem to lend itself to more stable tracking than the apparent forward location in the top view.


this and that
you’ll see more variations in photos because there are more photos than models.

wow and I thought I had way too much
time on my hands for idle speculation on minutae. God save the king.

It’s only minutae if
it’s just distorted photos. If, on the other hand, it indicates a change of design…well, QCC has been known to do that sort of thing, haven’t they.


if i was thinking of spending that much money on something without having the opportunity to paddle it I’d spend time looking at pictures too.

I guess I would never buy
a kayak based on a picture, but I see your point.

More pictures

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These are probably much better, the real boat, taken from the same vantage point.

Cockpit location appears to match the side-view photo on the Impex site. As I mentioned above the oval-appearing round bow hatch on the Impex top view makes it pretty clear that photo is distorted a bit.

Another thing I find somewhat amusing, Impex photochopped off the the bottom inch or two in their side view, the boat ain't quite *that* slender... Those rascals. Maybe my big feet will fit after all, it was looking sort of questionable there.


me neither
but between the conversations with folks whose opinions you value all there is to look at is the photo. I bought a Mariner Express without paddling one and a Chatham 18 without paddling one. Good choices both times.

More photos
Hey mhackett, thanks for the referral. My wife (website guru & awesome instructor {biassed}) will be happy someone liked her pictures. If anyone wants more pics let me know what & how. I’ve got my demo to show off so why not.

See you on the water,


Always glad to help
a Mid-Hudson paddler. I may be by for an extra-special deal on one of those in the spring. :wink: :wink:


I think
you can see the new proprietary hatches on this photo!

Wondered about that

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they certainly do look different. Perhaps some sort of rigid plastic/composite inner portion to them. Looks like at least some water can puddle in them, too.


Hi Mike,

The hatches are two different densities but the centers are not rigid like on Liquid Logic plastic boats. Haven’t noticed any puddling during rolling and they’ve stayed dry while my wife has been out surfing with it. Let me know if you like the one in the picture, I want to bring in an ivory/black/ivory in it’s place and this one could use a good home.

See you on the water,


Another nice feature of these hatches is that they’re lighter than the usual VCP tupperware anchors. Two OIs just came in to Wilton Outdoor in Wilton, CT. 'Hoping they’ll get a demo, as I’m curious what it paddles/rolls like. The newer cockpit has more room than the previous, while still retaining lower volume status.

Impex Kayaks- Outer Island
To clear up any issues with this photo. The cockpit is in the same place on both kayaks. It is just an illusion. I wonder why we might have the cockpit in two different places, but then again I assume people do take things at face value.

Since it will come up. This is the only cockpit we offer and it is the current and only model. We have had great reviews on the change we made. It was indeed very minor, however it seems to have made a difference. As for an ocean cockpit in the future, time and requests will tell. The people who have paddled this kayak feel the key hole gives excellent bracing and will do away with most requests for the ocean cockpit.

Thanks for the posts. I do not get around to this site daily, so if you have any questions or comments please email me direct. Thanks and happy paddling.


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