Inexpensive GP?

Hi. I’d like to try out a GP, just to see how I like it. So, I don’t want to shell out $250 for a Betsie Bay, and I don’t have the time/tools/skill to make one. Where can I find a relatively inexpensive GP? It would be used with a QCC 700. I am 5’11" with a relatively long wingspan.


A used GP
I attempted to build one, but had to stop.

I have found both of my Cricket paddles online. I purchased one used from another paddler (needs some very minor repair)…the other I found from a shop selling all accessories at 50% off…it also needs a tad of epoxy to patch some wear spots from the store. I purchased each one for about $125.

You can search the web for used paddles…and/or offer to pay someone to build you one.


Check this out…
I have no idea re: the quality/performance of these paddles…but you can find them on this sites Classified Ads section under Accessories. The choice of wood is surely a good one.



(MI) Greenland-style sea kayak paddles made of Western Red Cedar. Assorted sizes. Cherry Stain. From Turtle Paddle Works. Will ship from Michigan. $120 INC S&H – Submitted by: dharvey

you can go to LOWS or Home Depot and pick up a 2X4 cut to you desired length, instant GP!! L Sorry couldn’t resist!! L

There’s a guy who makes GP or Aleutian paddles for $60 plus shipping. I understand that he used to make them for a kayak shop, but the shop went out of business. I plan on ordering an Aleutian sometime in the future. His e-mail is

go to e-bay and put in greenland paddle for the search. there is someone in michigan who sells them for $60.


thanks all
good advice. i will check those links out.


Make one
A red cedar 2x4 will cost you $15-$20 and instructions are free on the web. They’re easy and fun to make, and you’ll end up with a paddle that’s custom fit to you, rather than a generic paddle that may be less than ideal.
Check under links and go to handcrafted paddles. I haven’t bought one but they look pretty nice.—Rich

The paddles sold on ebay look quite nice. $60 surely can’t be beat. Otherwise, I can make one for you. I glue two 1x4 cedar boards together for strength, and then finish w/ boiled linseed oil. I make an unshouldered paddle. I don’t have the means for glassing or lamination, but the paddles I’ve made have served well. I can email you pictures if you like. But, to be honest, the $60 bit on ebay looks like a great deal, I can’t sell mine that low!

Bought my GP from him.

I found him on ebay, and emailed him a few times to get info. He started out building paddles for a boat shop in Flint based on the Betsie Bays (4"x28" blades, with an indexed 28" loom, and 84" overall), which he still making for sale on ebay. I told him I was looking for more traditional dimensions (ie: 3.5"x33" blades, 20" loom, 86" overall). He said he could make me one with 32" blades (84" overall) for the ebay price of $60; adding the extra inch to each end would create a lot of scrap and raise the cost. For the price, I told him I’d live without the extra inch of blade in the water. I’m glad I made the decision to risk it sight-unseen. I love the paddle. If you’ve got any questions, email me. I’ve got a couple of pics I’m in the process of putting on webshots, but they’re on yet.


Take a close look at it
It’s essentially identical to the Betsie Bay design, which is a central stick with thin, tacked-on blades. The looms are long and the shape of the blade-shaft joint discourages holding the paddle in the traditional manner with three fingers wrapped over the blade roots. These paddles are designed for the very limiting, "hands on loom only, low stroke, vertical blade technique commonly taught in the Great Lakes area. They’re not suitable for use with the traditional canted blade technique.

These may be very well constructed paddles (I have no reason to think otherwise) and are certainly available at a bargain price. However, their design limits their use to one stroke technique, which is not what a beginner needs, IMO. The builder does indicate a willingness to customise them, so perhaps that’s an avenue worth exploring.

That explains a lot
Apparently, he was building these for Betsie Bay Kayaks. I’ve seen seen and used BBK paddles and they’re solidly made. However, the design is one of the worst among commercial paddles, IMO. It’s designed specifically for Doug VanDoren’s low stroke technique and pretty much confines the paddler to it. Perhaps the builder could be persuaded to make something more akin to Superior’s paddles, which have a vastly superior shape (pun intended).

i was looking at the ebay site’s feedback info on this GP maker, and, of 24 posts, 10 have the IDENTICAL date/time stamp - maybe ebay only enters this info in batches ??

coincidences always interest me - must be my cynical nature =:-/

I got one from E Bay
It’s a great paddle for the price. I happen to use a low stroke style, so the design isn’t a limiting factor for me. Hey, for $60.00 plus shipping, you can’t go wrong.

actually that looks to be
a single ebay fisherman who basically bought a lot of gear (hooks etc.) from the seller. you can submit feedback for all completed auctions at one time so he probably did these all together.

yeah the price is great
i don’t think i’ve ever seen them cheaper. of course if he made a superior style paddle i would be much more inclined to buy one. as it is i’m stuck carving my own and being disappointed right now in my lack of woodworking skills. i’m sure with time it will get better for me. (i’ve only made one so far and have the next one waiting inside a block of wood in my garage.) we should all email the guy and ask him to make a superior style paddle. maybe we can convince him!

i just got an extensive email from eric, but i don’t know how to xfer it to this post - if someone knows how, email me at - - and i’ll forward it to you for posting

the price is great but…
it will lock you into the low angle non-canted stroke which is not according to Mark Molina recognized in Greenland. Mark has traveled to Greenland, competed and won gold medals in competitions. I have a used GP I would sell, its not perfect but I think it beats the heck out most of the comercial paddles (except for the Superior paddles). I’ve made about five or six paddles and while I don’t enjoy the process like most people seem to it is a great way to obtain a paddle inexpensivly.


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