Introduction - kimbo from Australia

G’day from kimbo based in Far North Queensland, Australia.

I thought I’d introduce myself (I looked for an introductions section on this form but couldn’t find one).

I live at Mission Beach which is famous for World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforests, the Southern Cassowary, the Great Barrier Reef, Dunk Island, tropical cyclones and great coastal and nearshore paddling on the Coral Sea and nearby Family Group Islands - that should get you googling!

I am 60 years young, big tall bloke (male) enjoying married life and good general health and with an excellent work life balance.

My current craft is a second hand 5.1 Winner Otium sea kayak that is soon to be outfitted with a 1.5m Pacific Action sail. I am gently guiding my wife in the enjoyment of coastal and nearshore paddling on her 4.2m secondhand Winner Dreamer sea kayak. The secondhand Winner kayaks are Chinese plastic versions of similar designs to more well known craft and fell into our grasp at insanely low prices.

In the distant past I surfed competitively on monster green waves on the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean with a 2.1m custom fibreglass waveski strapped to my butt. Huge fun when I had the weekends to devote to weekend surf safaris but was hard to maintain surf fitness as life became more complicated.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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Glad to have y’all taking part in our discussions. Looking forward to photos of your paddling trips, the stories you have to tell, advice, questions, and humorous banter. Hope you find the degree of satisfaction so many of us enjoy as we paddle.

Welcome to the community, Kimbo!

Would love to see some photos of your adventures in your beautify country.

You live in Paradise
the reef, Hinchinbrook, etc, etc.
It was about in that area that I really had to start checking for croc tracks for where I would stay for the night as I headed north.
(paddled up the coast, Syd=>CapeYork a few times, last in '09)

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome. I am interstate on holidays right now but when I am settled in back home I will post up some pics

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Back home, back at work, busy busy and not enough time to go paddling as much I’d like. But I did manage to buy and instal a 1.5 sq m Pacific Action on my kayak.

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First opportunity I had, I tried out the sail. Conditions weren’t the best. I didn’t learn much apart from how to survive without capsizing in the confused sea state.

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I really like the Pacific Action sail kit. Installation was easy and it is true that you can then set up the rig in minutes. I agree with everyone else that the tiny running cleats that come with it are hopeless and require two-handed operation (not great when I was flat out bracing with my paddle most of the time). I am doing what most PAS owners have done and bought side entry deck-mounted clam cleats to replace the supplied cleats.

The power and acceleration provided by the PAS is exhilarating! Paddling while sailing gives great boat speed. I did not buy the sail to satisfy a sailing fix, I would have bought a sailing dinghy instead. No I bought the sail for a lift or maybe a free ride at times when I am paddling. If I was an all-conditions paddler I would have got the smaller 1 sq m PAS sail but being a fair-weather day-paddler the 1.5 sq m sail will be fine.

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From that first sail I learned that I really should have a bilge pump (ordered) and preferably a sprayskirt (still shopping). The risk wasn’t that great, I was never more than 200 metres from the shore and if I had capsized the local water temperature is around 29 Celsius.

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Looks like great fun. Using a sail is something I’ve thought of trying but just haven’t gotten around to.

If I did get one, I’d try it in lesser conditions!

Being surrounded by snow and cold, am quite envious of your beautiful and warm environment!

Cheers Rookie! Yeah I should have tried it in lesser conditions! :+1:t4: Hot and uncomfortable weather here at the moment but that’s the Tropics in early Summer for you… I know all about frost and the winds off the snow from 40 years living in Tasmania :cold_face:


Finally got to get on the water again for a paddle and sail. 5-10 knots s’easterly, great conditions to learn the ropes with the sail. Plenty to learn and heaps of fun

I’ve just picked up a sweet deal on a 1.0 sqm sail for my rig from Pacific Action. So now I have the option of the 1.5 sqm sail for light airs and the 1.0 sqm for serious fun. I love the versatility of the PA design!

I replaced the existing seat pad with Skwoosh Paddling Cushion, very lush, a great mod!

Yeah another mod, I know have a Palm Coniston Spray Skirt. It does a good job and gives me more confidence for edging.

No-one warned me how much a money pit kayaking can be :grinning:

Whats the most wind you’ve been out in? I surfski and have wanted to try a handheld sail or something like that. Im trying to think of a system like this which could be used hands free when going down wind.

I need some external help on days with big swell that is too fast to paddle on to. I need to get up to 10-12mph to catch fast swell and often have 10-18mph winds which would be a perfect boost if it could be deployed with some control on a tippy boat


gday, the wind the first time I went out would have been 10-15 knotts (11-17 mph). I was on a beam-broad reach so was not going anywhere near 10 knotts. The kite-style sail in your photo would be great for running before the wind and should give you enough of a boost to catch those ocean rollers assuming that the swell is running same direction as the wind?

Built a car rooftop kayak loader on the weekend using a tent pole, a tent ridge pole, a pool noodle and some pipe saddles. Works well, I am a happy paddler!

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