Is Pamlico 140 discoontinoued??

It wasn’t in the Canoe&Kayak Buyer’s guide 2007.

Uh - Oh - - -
Somebody is not gonna be happy about that!!

well, Is it??

Email Wilderness Systems and ask them.

Maybe you should start stocking up… in case you drop yours and it falls down the stairs…

stocking up?
Maybe locking up! If true it could be an instant classic. Beware an increase in Pamlico pilferers!

Well The Fat Lady Sang

That was too funny! Enjoyed some of the other kayak videos on their too! Thanks for posting.

Cheers…Joe O’

Broke the mold
A court in North Carolina decided recently to order Wilderness Systems to destroy the mold and produce no more Pamlico 140s. It appears that the boat was so far advanced beyond all its competition that it was going to drive out all competition, so in the interest of ensuring a competitive marketplace, they ordered Wilderness Systems to never build another Pamlico 140 again.

I have the mold
I snuck it out the back door when no one was looking. It’s for sale $20,000 cash,no questions asked.

Oh Thank God, bout time. Now that truly
Krugar Copy if there ever was one. Only better looking. "8^P

Hey, Steve!
help the kid out before he loses it. Tell 'im that WS is coming out with something improved and better, as hard as that will be for him to comprehend. Maybe a Pamlico 140 LX (Luxury Edition).


The 140K
This model is in fact being replaced by a Kevlar version with an ocean cockpit, and a skeg.

I heard the Pamlico 140 was such a hot
seller that the parent company WS decided to move it’s production to Bangladesh, where ten year olds in sweat labor camps can tie the deck lines with those tiny fingers in about 3 minutes per kayak, and get paid 77 cents a day. WS hopes to pump out about twice as many Pamlicos at that rate, elevating the retail price to a hair-raising $599.99, and pumping them into Dick’s sports faster than you can say, “Where’s my Carlisle Plastic paddle?”

I’d wait until after Xmas. They’ll be overstocked and Dicks’ll probably half price them and throw in a free set of foam cartopping blocks.

Why do you care if you already have one and you are so happy with it?

Don’t listen to them Pamilico
If you enjoy the boat, then it’s a good boat. It’s your personal decision.

As for your question, you can always go to the Wilderness Systems website and call their customer service number. I’m sure someone will have an answer to your question.

Maybe you can get some other news about WS lines and post the updates to the group.

I think there’s something to be said for someone who knows what he likes and is confident enough to enjoy it.

To chase perfection is a intensive game. There is also value to it, but one must be willing to do what it takes to pursue that quest.

There are downsides to that route and disappointments.

There is also a joy in enjoying something that is simple and straightforward, if it suits your needs, and don’t ever be afraid to be happy with what you have.

There is a secret to happiness there according to many people who know.

That’s The Point
"If you enjoy the boat, then it’s a good boat. It’s your personal decision."

We know the kid enjoys his boat. He just got it last summer and has been very happy ever since. The boat is going to last him another 10 years if he wants. Why worried that it didn’t show in the 2007 magazine. Silly worry, ain’t it when he already has the boat…

A pointless worry on his part.


He loves the boat AND he loves the world
And he is sad because if it is discontinued, the whole world won’t get a chance to paddle a Pamlico. It’s really a selfless thing.

He would invite us all over to paddle his!?

Agreed with you all.
And Pamlico, even if it is discontinued, there will be plenty to buy from now into the foreseeable future on the resale market. Plenty.

just one hitch
Pamlico would be understandably unsettled if his perfect Pamlico was discontinued. How can it both be perfect and “discontinued?” The very word has an ugly ring.