is there a honda accord of kayaks?

hiya everyone good weekend to all i hope .today i was thinking is there a decent cheap kayak thats been around a long time that most everyone loves but can be had for around 750 us.i hope my question is clear i stink at explaining my self i see the carlona 14 talked about a lot

Alot of great kayaks
can be had at under 750. Craigslist is full of them…it’s all in what you are looking for. Most people will let you test paddle them before you buy them. I’ve owned over 15 great touring kayaks, and can only think of 2 that I’ve paid over 750 for.

I agree with the prior poster. Used plastic sea kayaks can usually be had for $500-750 in decent shape. All of the plastic boats I have bought used (3 or 4 of them) have been for $500 each. Craigslist is your friend.

craigslist is bad near me
not sure why but most the yaks seems to be the same price used as they sell for new.but used sure would be ok for me i dont care about looks at all long as its in good shape

Car analogy
I am not sure that the car analogy (Honda Accord) applies very well to a first kayak. An accord will feel good to a large man or a small woman, which won’t be the case for a kayak. Also, both beginning and experienced drivers will like the Accord - most beginner boats are not too exciting to an experienced kayaker.

For buying your first kayak as a beginner, the best article I have seen is at The Kayak Academy.

wow lots of info to think about
and i bet it changes a lot i still will need a year or so before im ready but i always like to know what im saveing for just in case one comes up cheap

Honda Accords aren’t cheap

i guess
i guess what i mean a kayak that sells a bunch and most every one likes in the touring kayak range i am 5 foot 5 and 160 lbs and live on a huge lake and i just love to explore

I’ll take a stab at it
For the price you are in - a Perception Carolina 14 ft. used

double bulkheads / hatches, thigh braces. Won’t do anything bad and good all-around start up boat. Good mileage too.

ive heard of that yak…there are way more yaks then i would think.

Wildeness Systems Pungo 120?
For something like exploring a lake vs. fast rivers, a Wilderness Systems Pungo 120, their “best selling boat”, used to be a top pic in the Honda Accord level. It’s not a sportscar whitewater or mercedes sleek long ocean cruiser; but it’s not an SUV/canoe either. There are other good models from other manufacturers, and my knowledge is not that current; but this is the level I was seeking when I got my Pungo 120, and later bought another one.

i like that yak to is there a good color? that motor boats can see good?id assume red is the easiest seen but im not sure im so afraid of geting hit by a motor boat

this is my boat now
this is what i own now was all i could afford but i like it so far it came with the cart ya see and a paddle ya dont see for 200.

Accord of the Kayak world…Romany

but it doesn’t sell for $750…Honda’s cost more than that

The Romany is popular across the skill ranges

many people own one and many use them as skill building and as teaching vessels. To many people, they are their first kayak. And many keep them for a very long time.

Best Wishes


your Ted Nugent boat looks nice though
I don’t know, your “Ted Nugent boat” looks pretty cool for what you’re doing to me. Good color for boats to see you is yellow, but I am in sand color. Everything you ever wanted to know about kayak color is here:

Necky Jive - Goes for about $350

Wilderness Systems Tsunami series
Excellent touring boats, great for beginners but capable enough to use for years as your skills build.

Lots to choose from in low and high volume or composite. High volume boats are delineated by a “5” at the end of the numer. ie. Tsunami120, Tsunami125, etc. Readily available used for 350-550, or on sale new for roughly 750.

Unfortunately, they’re built more like…
…Yugos. :wink:

I don’t know about Honda Accord But-
Many call he NDK Explorer the Toyota Camry of kayaks. Is not exceptional in any one area but does ever thing well.