Is this a guy thing?

I mean lately I go out of my way to notice nice racks. Do you find yourself driving and your head spins around as you spy a kayaker with a nice rack drive by? I am not really into those who resort to foam, I prefer those with a little metal under them for the additional support they provide.

Last week I saw this kayaker with a pair of Hullavators and asked her if I could check out her nice rack and she just gave me a dirty look. What’s up with that?

. . . . .
. . . . can’t . . . . . speak . . . . . laughing . . . . . .too . . . . .hard . . . . .

Nice, man, really nice . . . .

I have this too! I thought was just me, but apparently it’s more widespread than I first postulated.

Definitely a guy thing…
I’ve never seen a woman make a pun about, um, racks. Perhaps if the pun took a different direction. I’ll test the waters, but I think puns are just a guy thing in general.

I don’t usually comment on people’s carrying systems. It doesn’t take a Dick Tracey though to noticed if the system is cocked. In that case I’d say something. After all, if the owner goes hot rodding around in a stiff wind, they’re gonna meat with disaster.


(who will be surprised if this thread lasts past 9 am.)

I read a pun about 8"

Which was started by a woman . . . .

Which was my point…

I got that . . .
But some of the more dense here may not have caught it.


What little I know …
… about racks, either the big full ones or the small but pert economy models, I tend to keep to myself.

As for my wife, she’s pretty adamant in her preference for a straight shaft versus a bent one …

Oh my…
This is the funniest thread I have read in a long, long time! :slight_smile:


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let's knocker it off. We're acting like boobs.

I know it's hard, but we can handle it. Brent's not gonna let it slide much longer anyway. We really should straighten up.

(going with an alias on this one.)

my mom’s not gonna let me on this site
any more.

I may point out the racked vehichles, but if I pretend not to notice long enough, eventually Fiancee points out the racked women. My usual response is look at a rack other than the one she is referring to and ask “that rack”, and she’ll say “no, over there”, that way I get a two for one deal.

Yeah racks are nice.

It happened to me too
I just moved from Italy and I wasn’t very “familiar” with the language.

Just a couple of months after I started kayaking and looking around for car rack options I noticed this beautiful Thule rack with saddles installed on a SUV, when the woman walks out of the car I couldn’t hold a “nice rack” compliment.

My wife behind me was laughing her a$$ off!!!

thanks for the laugh!!

Variation on "Racks"
This is a true story:

My wife and I were driving home last summer after working in our plant nursery. It was a very hot and humid day – typical for July in central IL. We were both very tired and hot and looking forward to beer thirty.

Passing through our local town I spotted a sign – “FREE STUFF” along the drivers side of the road. I glanced over and spotted a set of Yakima racks laying on the pile of stuff between the road and the sidewalk. I immediately yelled “RACKS!”. And, “I’m circling around the block and picking them up.” My wife, very hot and tired and anxious to get home, screamed at me, “NO!, YOU HAVE ENOUGH DEER ANTLERS!”

I quickly explained the situation, circled the block and picked up the Yakima racks.

I probably told this story before on this site, but couldn’t resist a second run.

“Racks” to you, “racks” to me, make me a happy good fellow.

I think you mean a “4 for 2” deal

That’s the best story ever . . . .
Cool wife too. Obviously, she’s used to you screwing things up with the translation . . . .

Navy guy…
A “Rack” is something you sleep on…you make it in the morning, you bury your face into it at night, and you never, ever, let another guy use it while you are at work. Clean ones with soft pillows are great, but as long as they have your own smell when they are not, that is fine too…


So she didn’t vote for Bill Clinton then


I saw a beautiful woman with a nice rack

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... and told her she ought to get a kayak.

BTW I have no idea what kind of car she had.

It's definitely a "guy thing"