island quaarsut interesting

Anybody been paddling this nice looking boat.

Love the low decks, but still has keyhole

very nice. Its suspose to be really maneuverable

& no skeg. Wonder what its lenght & width is,

& deck heights. Anybody help with this one. Thx

if near Tybee Island
Sea Kayak Georgia has one in stock…

maine island kayak
Tom has used one in stock, wouldn’t mind given her


qaarsut - got one!

this past August, I purchased a Qaarsut as my first kayak. It is a fun, responsive boat for an experienced kayaker and an enjoyable challenge for me. Check out the thread above.

Very neat boat!
Julie let me paddle hers. Melissa Maynard used one for the Downeast Symposium.

There aren’t many of them around. Tom has a very reasonable price on the one he’s got.

I’ve been drooling
I’ve been drooling over it for awhile now. Here’s a review that I found:

good looking rig
That’s a really nice looking boat. I guess that

boat would be alot better tracking then a


Smaller person’s boat
Tho’ I haven’t gotten into the one that is around locally, so I can’t say how well they brought in the cockpit for someone my size to get good contact. (5’4") No complaints from a very good paddler who is my size and paddles one tho’, so it must be OK.

I couldn’t find the size on their web site. But basically it is a low volume full size boat - length looked to be 16 ft and a few inches in the one locally. At 6’1" and 170-180 pounds, Jim was definately over its intended weight/size range. He was sitting rather low in the water.

On flat water it doesn’t seem to be super tricky re balance. The woman who has one has made sure to get some good basic training, but is definately a beginning paddler. And the boat hasn’t dumped in the water for any unplanned swims on evening paddles on flat local rivers, yet anyway. I imagine it’d turn up the volume in dimensional stuff.

By the way, they have a boat called the Newt that is 14’ long by 18.5" wide, for younger people or small paddlers starting out… I wouldn’t mind seeing if I could fit into one if they dropped one off int he northeast. Nice looking boat.

16’ 7.5" x 21"
Maybe even prettier than an Anas Acuta, the Qarsuut might be thought of as an Anas with keyhole cockpit.

Anas Acuta vs. Quurat Pictures
There are pictures on the internet somewhere with a Q and Anas on a beach next to each other. It looks like the Q is much closer to the original Taylor boat that both are based on.

I wish I would have bookmarked the site that had the pictures. Maybe someone with some web-fu can find them. I search for about 10 minutes.

Here 'tis… side by side pics…

more pics

and some more discussion on it.

Debating between this boat and a Romany as a play boat and still can’t make up my mind!


Qarsuut - Romany
I think the Romany is more ‘playful’ in a way as it feels to have more rocker and shorter waterline.

The Romany also has much higher primary.

The Qarsuut feels faster and its chines a bit ‘grabbier’ (as a wholly hard edged hard chined boat as opposed to the Romany soft edge hard chine, this is to be expected).

Both are fun responsive boats. Both are extremely easy to roll, brace, and scull.

Qaarsut 18
Hi. Interesting thread from my point of view. My name is Gavin and Island Kayaks is my company. I would like to post a pic of the plug for the new Qaarsut 18 which is nearing completion. Can anybody tell me how to do this?



Been waiting to see the 18
How about an Island website update?

If not there - maybe put some images up on one of the free sites like webshots?

Gavin, thanks for chiming in!
Its always great to see owners giver their perspective. The Qaarsut is a beautiful kayak and def. on my list to aquire…3rd on the list actually but not that far away.

Now about that importer situation…
Is a more formalized import situation in the works than what seems to be happening now? And we haven’t talked here about your next boat up, the 17 ft plus one, also seems to be a nice boat given its advocates.

Qaarsut 18

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Hey this site works quickly. Didn't imagine getting a response as soon as that. IK website update is a good idea. Trouble is I work pretty much on my own with all the office things and sadly that has had to be forgotten about whilst I try to get on with making boats. If anybody want to email me, I'll send a pic of the Qaarsut 18 plug. We are actually making the mold for it now. I'm pretty excited about this one. It will have a carbon fibre retractable skeg, although whether it needs it is debatable. I hope to offer carbon blanks to cover up the skeg box for the purists out there. Also it will have the new Howard Jeffs designed recessed deck-fittings and a totally new backrest which we are pretty proud about. But maybe I'm giving too much away.....

I'm off to the workshop shortly for the next few days so wont be able to check emails. Please be patient.

Here is a link to the plug pic. Hope it works and thank for the advice

Thank you

Thanks for weighing in and providing the shot of the plug for the Qarsuut 18.

Could you provide the stats on the boat? i.e. volume, width, length, decks heights, etc…

It really is a plus when the significants of kayak design/production take the time to communicate directly to paddlers.

Thanks again.

Would it be…
… giving too much away to give beam and front and read deck heights?

Would help me decide if it’s simple attraction or all out lust!

Lines are very nice! If the overall sizing is the typical 21-22" beam, 12-13" foredeck, and 8-9+" rear deck it ends up in the “another nice sea kayak but nothing I need”. If it’s narrow and lower, things get more interesting (but I realize I’m not reflecting the mass market on this).