jet kayak ??? cool

this takes even less effort:

you don’t even have to go outside and sweat under that mean old sun

my wife would want one of those.

just another jet ski…

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There has been at least one other version of "jet" kayaks recently.
I imagine it will just be a matter of time before the market is flooded with them.

For me they are a total bummer, but I imagine they will be the latest "must have" toy.

I wish …

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I wish somebody would buy one for me..........

I'd sell it & buy another canoe.
If I couldn't sell it; I'd love to give it (burn it!) a Viking funeral.


Not Too Cool… It’s Missing A LCD HiDef
tv. How do you expect to catch a game on nice sunny weekend while “kayaking” across a lake. :slight_smile:

It needs to be “pimped up” more.



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More fossil fuel squandered, more dependence on foreign fuel, more emissions screwing up the air, more wildlife scared away from the river, more out of control assholes in machines, more plastic landfill fodder, more rolls of lard piled up around the mid-sections of lard ass 4-wheeler types… Geezle! RK


I went a bit over the top w/ that last post (but I’ll just leave it up anyway). Let me restate with a simple “raspberries” to such devices and those who buy them. RK

It’s cheaper
than my CD Solstice and I don’t have to paddle

Wildlife is more scared of a flailing paddle than the hum or even roar of a motor.

the gas is sold separately

Unskilled paddlers flailin’ ‘n splashin’, that’s a recipe for wildlife dispersal alright. Bad form indeed. …but worse than a motor? Reality check. RK

incorrectly as you wish …

it isn’t about sound it is movement that spooks almost all wildlife.

I’d love to see your “superior” technique of paddling that doesn’t rely on the movement of the paddle.

A canoe would have an advantage over a kayak here.

FAR from a kayak…
A bunch of Inuit just rolled over in their…wait a second…er.

my heart is heavy

“Paddling” Not “Motoring” Dot Net…
could explain the less than stellar thoughts about this motorized craft.


deaf wildlife…?
I suppose if the wildlife were deaf it wouldn’t bother them…it’s unrealistic that noise doesn’t bother wildlife.

Lots of things spook wildlife away long before we see them.

It would be like trying to sneak up on deer while driving a dirt bike.

Now if they could just . . .

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Now if they could just figure a way to rig up a stationary bike in the cockpit of that thing, I could still arrive home having had a workout. Or -- even better -- maybe they could build outdoor "mini gyms" in various wilderness locations, so you could Mokai your way there, have a good workout, and then return -- and still have a benefit of all those endorphins and of maintaining that six-pack.

If not that, maybe just add a $1000.00 tax to the sale of each Mokai and invest that into expanding our health care infrastructure since there have gotta be more heart disease patients coming down the line every day.

Well, the Mokai does look preferable to a jetski in terms of what I'd want to see on the water. And it looks fairly fuel efficient. Perhaps a good thing for those who may have physical disabilities that prevent them from paddling. (Though safety might become a big concern on any venture into true wilderness). I just don't like their sales pitch . . ."Your passport to lakes, coastal areas, and rapids out of reach to the crowds . . . Experience unspoiled natural places."

Maybe, "Mokai . . . Doing our part to spoil the unspoiled and bring crowds to the wilderness" would be more apt.

Here’s my favorite jet kayak:
You have to see this!

Still disagree
Guess you’ve never been around skilled canoeists. The Old Ones silently glided along using underwater recoveries and minimal body movement… “Superior” technique? You betcha, the Ancients certainly had it together. I merely practice and aspire – but I scare away one hell of a lot less wildlife than the average jon-boat – or that piece o’ sheet motorized-yak clap-traption.

…and you’d have people believe wildlife is deaf to motorboats? Twiddle dee dee! RK

How about a well-used paddle against a well-used pwc, to even the playing field and give your comparison some legitimacy. I guess I should tell that to the fawn I crept up on last year, or the heron with it’s back to me as I approached from downwind. Or the fish who bumped harmlessly against a paddle blade.

It’s unfortunate that wildlife can’t imagine or predict underwater propellers, intake lines, exhaust lines, oil and gas spills, rapidly moving watercraft…