just bought my first kayak !

OK Folks, here we go. Just bought my first kayak. Bought it used but it’s in great shape, meticulously(sp?) maintained, great price and it’s just perfect… Well, maybe not thaaaat perfect. See, it’s hot pink. Now, I’m perfectly confident in my sexuality, I don’t care who marries who, I think Sigfried & Roy are great, I’m not crazy about Liza but hey, listen to who you like, I’m fine with that, some of my best friends are … etc, etc… The thing is, my buddies are gonna be merciless, they’re brutal and I know I’ll get no end of grief about my new hot pink kayak.

Question is, has anyone out there successfully painted a rotomolded kayak?

Any advice would be great.

whats wrong w/leaving it hot pink?
I mean, maybe you should just come outta the closet and leave it the way it is!

Maybe get
a paddle on a rope

Thanks Kurt but
not much help. Know anybody who’s painted one of these?

A paddle on a rope?
I’m not the sharpest guy… A paddle on a rope?

From What I’ve learned here
you can’t get paint to stick for long on RM boats.

Soap on a rope…
Get it?!

No virile male in his right mind would
paddle a hot pink kayak.

Trade it in for one that has black lace with gold lame trim.



Stickers, Really Lots of Stickers…

get a lot of stickers
many stickers.

Paddled a pink Necky Eliza in June - as a demo.

Not only is it pink but it’s horrorshow pink.

Still I commend you for going for what you want that suited you, despite the outward looks. At least you’re not shallow :wink:

Grin and bare it

What did you get, any pictures?
Think of it this way, pink is very visable. Think safety.

“You look just like a pig to me, Boy”
“Let’s hear you squeal like pig.”

Words you don’t want to hear paddling a pink kayak.

Hey sailor, new in town?

What model kayak is it??

Real men don’t eat quiche,
but scrambled egg pie sure is good.

I’d refer to it as ‘off red’ and you’re good to go.


The Fonz would never paddle Hot Pink

90% are all the same color
90% of all the yaks are either red, blue, green orange or yellow.

I think a pink yak would be AWESOME!

Black helmet, Black skirt, Black paddle. Man, you could take that thing to a high class cocktail party.

I am serious, be different.

Just have fun,


Chicks will dig you
women will look at you in that boat and say “there’s a man who is secure and could care less what others think”

years ago in High School a bud drove a Pinto. Guys made fun of him, and that was his stance…worked too! Girls figured any dude who has the onions to drive this POS can probably make me happy! Lousy uncool car actually helped him.

Just go paddling.

One question…
What the hell were you thinking???

I can’t be too critical…I’ve got a lime green one myself! Of course, I balanced it out with another in royal blue…