just bought my first kayak !

Gather your macho buddies and
as many rednecks as you can find…Tank them up with free food and beer…Arm them each with a can of camo-colored spray paint. Say, “There she is boys, go head and make a man out of me.”

(If anyone breaks out a jar of vaseline, run.)

Either that, or add a bright blue feathered boa that will look FABULOUS with the boat and your PFD.

–Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Put a couple
HUSTLER stickers on it.

Pink Is Great.

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develop your skills. Let that do the talking.


pretty in pink... http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/1542213702043300790qlgxiY

Wear it with pride
Serously, I have a RM WW boat that the prior owner, a kid, did the camouglage paint thing with. My husband has gotten pretty much all of it off - but I can guarantee you that the paint job wasn’t aging well.

Also, that hot pink is going to be darned visible. Especially while you are learning, that’s hardly a bad thing.

I’d say the only downside is that it may restrict your choice of clothing colors - personally I’d much rather be seeing the bottom edge of a red PFD against pink than orange.

A few asked what kind of kayak…
it’s a 17foot Current Designs Storm. 17 feet of hot pink. They’ll see me from the space station. From what I’m hearing I guess I’ll have to keep the color and have fun with it ( I kinda like the idea of the bright blue feathered boa!)

“It’s my Wife’s boat…”
…“But you aren’t married!?”…“not YET, but when I am, this will be her boat”…

Likely safe from thieves tho’… NM

Make sure
You get your hair done before you head on out.

; )

get a breast cancer awareness sticker and put it on it.

Just Be Out There and Lovin’ It…
Can the camo (I didn’t really mean it, just the blue boa part.) Like others here have said, dare to be different. It’s wacky diversity that makes paddlers such great (if a little weird) people to be around. Besides pink is very restful on the eyes. That’s why flamingos wear it.

PS - I don’t get up to your neck of the woods to paddle that often. But if I do, and if I see any 17 ft. pink boats around – I’ll be sure not to whistle anything like “Got A Date With An Angel.”

pink yak
real paddlers paddle in PINK…nothing wrong with color,as long it does tip over or sink…

Color ??? Impress them with the motor

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after all the boat is just a molded piece of poly regardless of color. Show them what you can do in the pink boat and let that me your mark on the water. Maybe it will give you the drive to excel in the sport then you can tell them to laugh all they want.

Paddlin' on

I’ve paddled a storm…
Great Kayak. Performs Beautifully. A CD storm in pink… Hard to imagine. But hey, be different. Have fun. I’m sure its a nice craft. I have a Red Pamlico 140. I keep it in a Dark Garage so it doesnt fade to hot pink. That would not be good.

Was It Pink When You Bought It?
Or did it get that way when you got home? :slight_smile:

I figure, if you liked it enough to buy it, the goods must outweigh the bads.


It’s not “pink”…
…it’s “light red”!!! (for those of you who might be Red vs. Blue fans… :wink: )

That’s good advice anytime . . . .
“Show them what you can do in the . . . .”

Oh, I really shouldn’t finish that thought. lol

Just claim you are colorblind…
they told you it was green.

Then continue to insist that it is green!

He just might be colorblind…
I have never seen a pink CD Storm…

Nope. Not color blind.
It’s a 1998 (according to the guy I bought it offa) CD Storm. & unfortunatly, it is pink. I pick it up next week(paid for it yesterday) & if I can figure out how to post a pic, I will.

At least one other out there.
From pnet reviews:


We have one of these in our “family fleet” and its my favorite. It can carry a considerable amount of camping gear, and is a good compromise between stability and performance. Handles waves well, jumps the tops when hit fron-on, for a nice dry, fun ride. My 50 year old mother can paddle all day quite comfortably in it. My only complaint is the horrible shade of hot pink.

Rating: 9 of 10

I wonder if it wasn’t called “Magenta”. Same thing to me.

I also did a Google search and found one on Craig’s list that said it was pink, but clicking on the link found the ad to be expired.