just bought my first kayak !

Tell them…
It was red, I just paddle THAT much.

You could try a spray can of Krylon Fusion. It is made to cover plastic. Works great on fresh epoxy, but I’ve never used it on plain plastic. Try it on the bottom where it won’t be seen anyway.

Tell everyone
if just faded, or just have fun with it. My redneck friends kid me about kayakers being gay anyway, even though my yak is a mango color. Just one more thought, add some decal stickers on it. Maybe some diagnaly positioned stripes, and add a hook to the back end. Then tell your friends it atracts fish and you catch much more with that color.

Pink is the new Black

Plaster it…
with SOLAS Tape. Alternate with some duct tape so at night it reflects “NOT PINK”

Well, now your known and will be immediately recognized on the water.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY


Cowboy hat.
No one will notice the pink canoe. No Villiage People on a radio though.

; )