Kajak Sport Kayaks: still in business?

Maker of the Viking, Millennium, et cetera.

Their website is 2003.

They are not listed at all in the Nov 2007 Canoe and Kayak Magazine Buyer’s Guide.

Are they still in business? Thanks.



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I suspect they are light on an importer and dealer arrangement at the moment. As of 2003 I only knew of one that kinda rep'd them in the northeast, and that dealer is not doing a lot of retail these days.

The Millenium is interesting - I had it out at a demo and found the manuverability for an 18 ft expedition-designed boat to be pretty impressive. Nice ride too - kinda Rolls Royce version.

Nice boat.
Paddled one years ago for two weeks and really enjoyed the boat. I agree with Celia that it is very maneuverable for such a big boat.

I love mine!


went on a trip where a friend had one,it looks gorgeous on the water and the underbody looked like it would be very comfortable in waves.

Here are some photo’s of mine


Would be a great
expedition boat I think. I tought a two week course in the one I used and that boat hauled crazy amounts of gear! I’d seriously consider one for an extended trip.

It can carry a lot, but
my CLC 17 can hold even more. But the Artisan handles far better and, and is faster. Also handles big stuff really well.


try a Vivianne
I paddled the Milly a bunch BUT found the 19’ KS Vivianne was the $#!+ when it came to big expedition loads and a friendly ride. When I was guiding giggle and bloat trips in the San Juans it was the perfect big load boat. I could pack a medium sized propane bottle (we called the ‘bomb’) in the forward compartment!

and the thing handled very well. It was a bit of a challenge in hard beam winds/seas but never gave me grief.


C&K Buyers Guide - Pay to Play
C&K now requires a fee to be part of the Buyers Guide. And it’s not a cheap one.

I have mixed feelings about that but C&K is a business and claims they were losing money on that issue.

I think it could have been handled differently like have the complete company listings, but you pay if you want your individual products listed. Or something like that.

Anyway, that’s why you may not see several companies, including mine, in the C&K buyers guide.

I bought a Viking
I had an opportunity to buy a Viking, Millennium, or Vivianne a couple years ago. It was going to be cheaper than not buying one so I picked the Viking. Yes the Millennium is a nimble craft for its length, but I was surprised at how well the Viking tracked and its speed. There are definitely a lot of boats out there, Kajak Sport are not necessarily my favorite, but like I said, the price spoke to me. Unless you have a line on one or really are in love with the features, you may be better served by looking at boats with a better distribution.

Ditto on the Vivianne
Had one for a couple years now and it’s the fastest ‘touring’ boat I own, I believe faster than my C.D. Stratus. It’s one of the few boats I’ve paddled outside of my buds T-bolt that seems to not have a top end when empty, speed is only limited by the motor. like Steve says, it holds a ton of gear also. Very sweet lines, and a knifeblade entry. Very unusual to find such a load hauler that can go this fast!

P.netters with a Millenium
Aside from myself, the ones I know that have an Artisan Millenium are:




wahoojim1 (just got one)

Anybody else got one?


I have a friend who just bought a used one. I tried it out and it handles very nicely.

I have one
Rarely gets paddled. I use it for camping and I have not had time for that the last couple of years. I have an NDK Poseidon for weekend trips and as a day boat. Been thinking of selling it but I use it when I take guests out…

My sense is that the volume of the standard Chesapeakes was a consequence of other design decisions and not necessarily intended.

A friend is trying to sell his
He’s a grad student w/no time or storage space anymore. He bought the boat from my shop and it’s in great shape. Red deck over white hull. Drop me a line and I’ll dig up his e-mail for you. He might have it posted here on P-net.

another one here
Picked one up a couple of years ago, my wife paddles it. We didn’t need another kayak but it was an absolute steal.

It’s a really underappreciated boat. I don’t know why I don’t see more of them on the water.

Someday I’ll pick up a Viviane for myself.

Lincoln canoe and Kayak
in Freeport Maine carries kajaks