KajakSport Milennium

Hi. Anybody spent any time in one of these? What did you like, and dislike? Thoughts on kajaksport kayaks in general?

I might be able to grab a good deal on a milennium, so I just want to hear some opinions. Thanks.

well made
Its well made and can carry a lot of gear. I use it for camping and as a extra boat for friends. It can be a handful unloaded in the wind, you really have to put it on edge to get it to turn down wind. Its not great in surf, but its 18 ft long. It is a great boat for camping, I can get a lot of gear in it and the small inspection hatch allows you to get gear all the way back in the stern. I would not want it for my everyday boat.

As above

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Just at a demo day, but it would be a great tripper. While both I and my husband thought it was more easily turned than we expected given its length and hull shape, it is still an 18 ft boat.
If I was doing a lot of multiday trips over distance and had a chance to get a deal on one, it could be awfully attractive. But for my more day trip/one overnight trip use, it wouldn't be a fit. Just more boat than I need.

Got one
Have had for about 2 years and it’s a great boat.

I use it as my everyday boat.


I’ve got one, too

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Bought it used, one year ago and just love paddling it. The hatch covers are excellent. My storage areas are bone dry. The skeg adjusts easily and reliably at any level of deployment.

It is quite fast for its length and hauls a ton of camping gear. I am 6'2" and 245 pounds and not very flexible/limber. A little tough for me to get in and out of the cockpit, but once in it, I find it extremely comfortable. The adjustable foot pegs are easy to adjust. Not sure if the foot pegs are original or not but they provide a very large comfortable platform to push against, plus they pivot which make them even more comfortable.

No regrets and would buy another boat made by Kajaksports without hesitation.

Jeff P.

this is helpful so far. Its just interesting to me that Kajaksport kayaks get such excellent reviews, but then there just aren’t that many around, and they’re actually kind of hard to find. I didn’t know if maybe there was some deep hidden flaw, or they’re just bad capitalists who haven’t managed much market penetration. … They seem to be very well crafted boats though.

Rarity of KS
A lot of it has to do with dealers - there just aren’t that many in this country. Also, at least in the past KJ has tended to swing a lot of their design emphasis towards the longer, heavy duty expedition boats which are less popular for the average day paddler.

That said, they are outstandingly well made boats.

They’re finns
…they’re too busy making cell phones…:wink:

Actually I think they’re beautiful boats.

Great Boat
Taught an Outward Bound gig some years back and tested the boat for a mag during that trip of 13 days. Paddled great, hauled huge amounts, was comfy, surfed following seas well.

I’d consider one very stron,gly for a distance paddle, or as a guide boat.

Regulars here that have one…






are the ones that come to mind.

We’re all pretty unanimous about how we feel about the Millenium. It’s good looking, fast and well made. The only boat I’d want to trade up to would be the Vivianne by Kajaksports.


That’s quite
a recommendation. Andy, how big are you?

How big?
This week…6’ 180 lbs!


Like Andy said…
bypass the Millenium and go straight to the Vivianne. The Millenium feels like a slug in comparison. The only thing you give up is a bit of manueverability, but the gain in speed and extra room is well worth it. Speed is my drug, and the Vivianne delivers!

are even harder to find. The Artisan is fast enough, faster than most out there. What I like is the effiency of it. Had it up to 22 mph, (with a sail on it):wink:


I owned a Millenium for about 5 years.
As a matter of fact, I just sold it a few months ago. It was a great boat. The only complaint that I had was the high rear cockpit rim. The deck is nice and low, but the rim sticks up about 2 inches. It makes it easy to put on your skirt, but it makes layback rolls challenging.

I hope you don’t live in northern California and ended up selling it cheap.

Andy, that’s a pretty good clip. I’ll see if I can get my hands on one of these.

There is one in SoCal
selling for $800 on a local board. If I had space it would already be mine.

Cmon man
If you can’t easily roll that boat, you CAN’T roll.

Where? 800?

I emailed you the link.