Recent run of news yak fatalities cite 'kayak flipped' as the primary accident cause.

We read low cost kayak availability into these stories base on the usual elitist attitudes and perceptions, eyeballing Sundolphins at Walmart for design flaws leading to ....kayak flipping.

Are Sundolphin test reviews available here or there taking a look at potential 'flipping' performance ?

flipping end to end?
I’ve got to work on my eskimo flip

WalMart probably has the bulk
of rec kayaks out there. With the lack of knowledge of how to kayak safely and a knowledge of seas and weather the statistics are predictable.

Knowledgeable does not equal elitist. If it does you can go ahead and flame cause I don’t care.

is it easier than this?

2 here

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I speculated on the chines supporting a stable paddle until paddler has a chine edged into the water then the yak


as reported by spectators.

you knoW FLIP

not ROLL

I have no experience with a hard chine.

what can one say?

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IT's a $175 boat. You get what you pay for. Some people are happy with what they get. Some people write realistic reviews:


Submitted by: Paddle monkey
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Every human powered craft has it's place but this one is likely to be downright dangerous in the wrong context. Wide and short it does not track well. Hatch cover is FAR from water tight and with a weight capacity of only 250lbs it definitely will not accommodate a larger paddler. The cockpit unfortunately is large enough to permit a larger person to sit in it. Does not deal well with even light chop and hull material is easy deformed by warm summer sun and too thin to be safe for rocky creek or stream paddling. It's proper niche is a small lake or pond and not much else.


Best Buy sells kayaks now. Would anyone here buy their electronics at Dick's? I didn't think so.

I'm not about to read through the rest of those boats to look for the word "flipped". You think you can roll a Sun Dolphin? Maybe with double paddle floats. Knock yourself out.

spec number of yak brands in REVIEWS KAYAKS.

here’s SD


flipping a Delphin
Neptunes Rangers were out last weekend at their annual Mendocino weekend. Here is a set of pictures of NR David flipping a Delphin.


New way to carry a kayak!
Straight up, like a caber! Then you just toss it into the water or onto your cartop carrier!

How come nobody ever thought of this before?!?

that is an amazing event
Seeing it in person it almost defies reality.

sailboat flipping!

Newt a Gam Fahr Twiggy!!!
Nick pick oop stecks.

MAc’him he flecks.

Hair-knee-uh twoosted layburr.

“Tis self 'ta flog,”

en’ tree ‘n log,

whenst kelt ba erroont caber.

Now, tassin’ oocyaPIED loog kanews, der be’n yer sport!

on advertised primary stability with secondary stability compromised by economic shot cuts primary stability design coupled economically compromised secondary stability design?


so if the paddler ‘horses around’ or plays aggressively, the hull


there’s no secondary stability.

Is this a valid analysis of these hulls ?

I wonder if typical Sun Dolphin buyer
Understands or even cares about the definitions of primary or secondary stability.

some do
some do not

I was asking for expert experienced opinion.

here’s the latest street comment


remebering the party involved did not design the mall bridge. or build …

overall, my interest was: are the design criteria of this kayak class leading to these accidents ?

local noise has shouted out abt Pelican’s positive designs, but Pelican is a higher cost hull ?

Datakoll Posts in English !!! ??? !!!
Historic event here.


Why blame the boat design?
Any paddle craft can capsize and anyone using a paddle craft needs to accept the possibility of winding up in the water.

This accident involved a young woman who could not swim, not wearing a PFD, venturing onto the Tennessee River in a kayak. One member of her group was taken into custody for public intoxication raising the distinct possibility that the young victim was also intoxicated. Hull design is really the last thing we should be talking about in this instance.

I am simply staggered by the number of people who cannot swim who get into a canoe or kayak and not wear a PFD as if they were boarding an ocean liner.

hey, who would drown ?

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‘flipped’ is a commonly used news word.

Searching ‘flipped’ in Google News produces kayaks and vehicle flipping.

The latest:




My inquiry, failing here from lack of low cost participation and ad copy over in refuse, was based on numbe/% of low cost products with a hard chine.

Hard chine producing a stable ride when played with dives in and FLIPS: safety with low cost induces danger.

Not that I meant a Nadir attack on low cost kayaks only a discussion of the possibility.\

CD showed up with the Whistler touting a soft chine …a drawing of which is prowmenant.

Even the WW hardcore adolescents ….with a really hard short chine where would they be ? downstream.

In our society such devices offered to the general public via mall stores carrying a sticker presenting eg a hard chine reality. Those AFA kids…what do they know abt hard chines. Not possible. Highly unlikely. Remote.

Time to ramp up


My kayak has hard chines. It doesn’t flip when played with; to the contrary, those chines let me hold a nice edge and provide secondary stability.

It’s not hard chines that kill paddlers. It’s their stubborn refusal to wear a PFD. Lake Michigan claimed another one this weekend: